Performance Rating Scale

The following performance rating scale is the standard rating scale for the current cycle.

Level 5 (E): Exceptional

Performance far exceeded expectations due to exceptionally high quality of work performed in all essential areas of responsibility, resulting in an overall quality of work that was superior; and either 1) included the completion of a major goal or project, or 2) made an exceptional or unique contribution in support of unit, department, or University objectives. This rating is achievable by any employee though given infrequently.

Introduction to Performance Management

Performance management is one of a manager's/supervisor's most important contributions to excellence at Berkeley. As a cycle that continues throughout the year, effective performance management aligns the efforts of managers/supervisors and employees with department and campus objectives, promotes consistency in performance reviews, and motivates all employees to perform at their best. The process should be conducted with fairness and transparency.

Performance Management Phase III: Review

The performance review summarizes the employee's contributions over the entire appraisal period (usually one year). It may occur as often as is necessary to acknowledge the employee for accomplishments and to plan together for improved performance.

Preparing for the Review

Much of the hard work of reviewing performance should be carried out before the formal meeting. Prior to the meeting managers can encourage employee involvement by asking the employee to: