Kudos A-Z

Kudos to all the UC Berkeley staff who been recognized by their colleagues for their contributions to the campus! Below is an alphabetized list (by first name) of all recipients since the beginning of the Kudos program.

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Catalysts & Projects

What is a Berkeley Catalysts project?

Each project seeks to solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity that will help their unit become a more together, innovative, simplified, accountable, and service-oriented workplace.  Catalysts select an Operating Principle on which to focus their project, and then select an idea that works in alignment with current unit goals. Partnering with unit-specific leadership and staff, Catalysts will execute their change efforts by October 2014.

Berkeley Catalysts

In 2013-2014, we launched a one-year action-learning program that offered a unique professional development opportunity for 46 staff from units across campus. Catalysts honed their leadership and organizational improvement skills while partnering with unit leaders to focus on a unit-specific strategic opportunity or challenge.