Professional Development

Sponsored Tuition

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Sponsored Tuition enables eligible staff to take UC Berkeley Extension classes!

Human Resources, in cooperation with UC Berkeley Extension, is proud to announce that we have enhanced the University Extension Sponsored Tuition program. 

Technology and Systems Training

Program Overview

The Technology and Systems Training program offers professional development courses to all campus employees with a results-oriented focus on productivity, process improvement, project management, business intelligence, automation, multimedia, and web technologies.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice – Each Community of Practice brings together staff with similar professional interests, and serve as a community to share knowledge and offer professional development. They develop a shared collective of resources and tools to enhance particular skills.

Staff Organizations

Staff Organizations – Staff Organizations offer individuals the opportunity to become more involved in campus life. Many of these groups are identity-based and celebrate the diversity of our staff members, while also offering a safe space on campus to share and learn about each other.