Job Exchange Program

Job Exchange Program Overview

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in reassignment opportunities to UC Berkeley campus staff from areas where operations have scaled-down and other departments are experiencing staffing shortages. The UC Berkeley, People & Culture - Talent Acquisition Team has developed this program to pair UC Berkeley job opportunities for employees who wish to continue working.

At the start of the program, there was one intake form for Job Exchange requests. Please note that we have split the form into two forms: one for open job opportunities, and one for employees seeking work.


UC Berkeley People & Culture - Talent Acquisition has developed this program to provide staff job opportunities for departments to utilize staff employees currently on UC Berkeley payroll, on a full or part-time basis, and keep staff employed. 

Complete the Job Opportunity form if you have a job opportunity. Submit one form per position type needed. Complete the Availability & Interest form if you would like to be considered for a UC Berkeley job opportunity.


The Job Exchange program facilitates temporary reassignments between organizations, colleges, and divisions when opportunities for temporary reassignment would not otherwise be known outside of the organization, college or division, or it would be complex for the two areas to facilitate a temporary reassignment. In general, work should continue to be reassigned within an organization, college or division/department as it is currently done and does not need to be submitted through the Job Exchange program.

The program will continue to run from July 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. An assessment will be performed in late 2020 as to whether the program’s end date should be extended.

Temporary reassignments under the Job Exchange program are voluntary.  UC Berkeley employees initiate interest in the program after receiving approval to participate in the program from their supervisor.

Home departments can identify employees in need of a temporary reassignment through Job Exchange and encourage their employees to participate in the program. When an alternative to layoff/reduction-in-time, temporary reassignments should be pursued as early as possible and may be initiated by a department in advance of, concurrent with or after a layoff/reduction-in-time notice has been issued to an employee. A department may amend the effective date of a layoff/reduction-in-time when an employee is temporarily reassigned and thus the effective date of a layoff/reduction-in-time can be deferred.

Host Departments with temporary job opportunities provide Talent Acquisition with information about the opportunity, including but not limited to, information about the nature of the work to be performed, percentage of time, duration, location and supervisor.

Talent Acquisition assists to identify an appropriate reassignment match.  If an employee declines a temporary reassignment or the Home Department indicates the employee is no longer available to participate, Talent Acquisition may remove the employee from the Job Exchange program, after consultation with the home department and Employee and Labor Relations.

Employees with questions or concerns about a temporary reassignment should address them with their supervisor.

Employee Eligibility

To be eligible for the program, an employee must be a currently employed UC Berkeley career, contract, limited, casual or per diem employee on UCBerkeley payroll. Former employees, who separated from employment due to layoff, or some other reason, are not eligible to participate in the Job Exchange program.

Talent Acquisition considers the following criteria when matching employees for temporary reassignment:

Available pool at the time of the Host Department request, skills, knowledge and abilities in relationship to the job opportunity available and physical requirements and immunizations (if required for the job).

An employee submits an Availability and Interest Form and resume if available to Talent Acquisition.  The Home Department must approve the employee’s participation.  Host Departments in need of employees will submit a Job Opportunity Form to Talent Acquisition.  Talent Acquisition will assess the employee and departmental documentation and information to match possible qualified employees for temporary reassignments, if any, and provide the Host Department with the employee’s contact information, Home Department supervisor(s) contact information, and resume if provided. 

Host Department is responsible for contacting the Home Department supervisor to ensure the employee is currently available to participate in the program and discuss the reassignment details with the supervisor and employee.

Since employees must be qualified to perform the new work as part of a temporary reassignment, the intent of the program is that employees will be reassigned to the same or similar job classifications that they normally perform, or have performed in the recent past. As such, bargaining unit employees would be reassigned within their bargaining unit.  Some matching may allow for reassignment outside of bargaining units depending on the available pool and skills required.

A temporary reassignment does not constitute a transfer, reclassification, demotion, promotion or entitlement to continued, future employment in the Host Department. The employee’s appointment in their Home Department is controlling for purposes of their employment. The Home Department remains the department of record for documentation of personnel matters, including payroll and timekeeping records.

Duration & Percentage of Time in Job Exchange

Reassignments are temporary and an end date is to be established between the Home Department and Host Department.  A temporary reassignment may be extended not to exceed one year or the discontinuation of the program. Exceptions may be made by the Chief People & Culture Officer - Assistant Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.  The duration of reassignments may be shortened by departments, in consultation with Talent Acquisition and Employee and Labor Relations, due to budgetary or operational circumstances; in which case, the employee would return to their Home Department and/or may be subject to layoff/reduction-in-time. A Host Department should terminate temporary reassignments before laying off career staff. To the extent practicable, departments should provide the affected employee, the Home Department and Talent Acquisition with advance notice when shortening the duration of a temporary reassignment.

Temporary reassignments are intended to maintain, to the extent feasible, an employee’s regular appointment percentage by performing work outside of their home department.  Contract, by agreement, limited and per diem employees should match the same percentage unless agreed upon by the Home Department and Host Department to increase or decrease the percentage within policy.  Temporary reassignments are not intended to increase an employee’s regular appointment percentage or provide overtime hours. When there is a lack of work or funding to maintain an employee’s regular appointment percentage, with or without a temporary reassignment, the Home Department consults with Employee and Labor Relations about options.


  • Hours worked on a temporary reassignment will be paid based upon the employee’s current rate of pay and any shift differential policies that apply. In light of the budgetary impacts of COVID-19, employees are not eligible for stipends, equities or pay increases as part of this program, except where a stipend is required by the terms of a collective bargaining agreement.
  • The Host Department is responsible in full for paying the employee’s salary and benefits for time on reassignment, consistent with applicable UC policies and collective bargaining agreement provisions. The Home Department and Host Department may agree to partially fund or split fund the employee’s salary and benefits.  The Host Department will enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Home Department to accomplish this by salary cost transfer(s).
  • Home Departments will continue to manage and approve the employee’s timesheet and account for paid or unpaid leaves. Employees will submit accurate timesheets in advance of deadlines. Supervisors in the Home and Host Departments will undertake arrangements to ensure the accuracy of timesheets.

Duration of Appointment

  • This program is a result of the staffing shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and positions are temporary with no implied commitment for work beyond the needed time duration when the work is completed and/or at the discretion of the supervisor.    
  • Temporary Appoints will vary based on policy and or collective bargaining agreement.


The Job Exchange Program is designed to provide short-term opportunities for employees currently receiving pay but unable work due to location or equipment availability. Job Exchange participants will be paid by the receiving departments and are on loan to other departments to cover short-term needs. Please review the FAQs below for more information on participation and salary.