Flexible Work Arrangements: Plan, Try, then Revise

Flexible work arrangements are not for every department, or for every employee. Their effectiveness depends on a large number of factors, most of which have been touched on in this section.

Three elements can increase the likelihood that arrangement will be a success for everyone affected:

  • Planning. Read the materials, attend a workshop, complete the proposal checklist, work with your supervisor, talk to your Employee Relations Consultant. Try to foresee problems, and look for solutions before difficulties occur. Do your homework!
  • Pilot Programs. When in doubt, try it out! Establish a time frame for trying out an arrangement, and criteria to evaluate success or failure at the conclusion.
  • Revise as necessary. Both supervisors and employees should monitor success continuously, not just during formal pilot programs. As problems develop, adjustments should be made as necessary. Be flexible in your approach!