Transition Services: Workshops

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Technology and Systems Trainings 

Offered in partnership with People and Organizational Development, these courses provide professional development opportunities for those participants in active job search.  A value-add to your resume with a results-oriented focus on productivity, process improvement, data management, business intelligence, and automation.

To register, please email, or call 510-542-0307.


Google Forms Fundamentals

This workshop demonstrates the process of designing Google Forms.  Emphasis is placed on question design, data validation, distribution methods, and response metrics. Survey Data Collection

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

This course details the process by which large data sets are organized, formatted, summarized, and interactively manipulated using Tables, PivotTables, and PivotCharts.

Microsoft Excel Database and Lookup Functions 

This workshop details a family of related Excel features and database functions commonly used in conjunction with large data Ranges or Tables. 

Microsoft Excel 3D Geo Mapping 

This workshop details the process of producing three-dimensional, interactive maps using data values contained within a Microsoft Excel workbook.  Emphasis is placed on visual design multiple animated data perspectives. 

Microsoft Project Metrics and Performance Indicators 

This workshop demonstrates a related set of features used to track and report on project status metrics.  Emphasis is placed on performance indicators and reporting tools.

Microsoft Project Fundamentals 

This workshop combines industry-standard project management theory with practical application using Microsoft Project to plan, execute, and track progression throughout the project lifecycle. 

Trello Fundamentals 

This workshop demonstrates the process of leveraging Trello for team or individual project management.  Emphasis is placed on the highly extensible Trello interface for defining, assigning, and tracking project elements. 

Introduction to Databases 

This workshop demonstrates the core functionality of databases and the common types of objects they are comprised of.  Emphasis is placed on data storage and retrieval, user interface, and the differences between databases and spreadsheets. 

Microsoft Visio Fundamentals 

This workshop details the process by which Microsoft Visio diagrams are developed using Stencils, Shapes, Connectors, and through the incorporation of design tools and visual aids.  Emphasis is placed on common diagram types and object organization using multi-page and multi-layer design layouts. 

Workshop Schedule: October 19 - December 17

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