Informal Resolution Options

Facilitated (Early) Resolution

The goal of early resolution is to resolve concerns at the earliest stage possible with the cooperation of all of the parties involved.  The University encourages early resolution and will assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution when the parties wish to resolve the situation collaborative.

Means for early resolution will be flexible and encompass a full range of possible appropriate outcomes.  Options for early resolution may include:

  • Obtaining an agreement between the parties

  • Minimizing contact between the parties

  • Negotiating an agreement for personnel action

  • Conducting educational and training programs

  • Following up with the parties after a period of time to assure that the resolution has been implemented effectively

While the University encourages early resolution, the University does not require that parties participate in early resolution prior to the University’s decision to initiate a formal investigation.


Where early resolution is unsuccessful or inappropriate, the complainant my request an investigation.  Central Human Resources may initiate an investigation after a preliminary review of the facts even in cases where the complainant has not requested one.

For a list of investigation procedures please refer to the Workplace Bullying Prevention Policy, Section IV.D.

To report a concern contact: (non-represented staff)

or (represented staff)