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Setting Goals for Non-Represented Employees


We have developed new guidelines for setting goals in FY19. These guidelines allow our goals to be agile and adaptable to the increasingly complex UC Berkeley work environment. More information about how to set goals in for the upcoming period can be found here:


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Merit Cycle for Non-Represented Employees


The merit cycle for non-represented staff (PPSM) will be changing. As a result of those changes, merit pay will start coming earlier, eliminating the need for waiting and retroactive pay. More information about the changes in the merit cycle can be found here:


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By the end of FY18-19, employees should have completed the following:

  • Sexual Violence Sexual Harassment training

  • Cyber Security training

  • Ethics Training


More information concerning compliance, including how to check on your status, can be found here:


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Changes to the Online Performance Review Form


There are some new enhancements to the online form. Based on your feedback, we’ve included the following features:

  • Sort and filter reviews listed on your dashboard

  • View your form’s status on your dashboard and on the form itself. We’ve also included instructions on the next steps to completing the review.

  • Each supervisor may now create only one review for their employee (no duplicate forms)


Access to the form can be found here:


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