Performance Management Forms

Due Date

Forms (online or paper) must be completed by April 30, 2020. Campus units may communicate an earlier deadline.

Department/Unit Follow Up Required

Based on your feedback and given the variety of approaches by unit, please note that we expect each unit to define and communicate their own process for staff/managers including any self-review requirements, calibration steps and due date(s).


Supervisors, Managers, and Non-Represented Staff

For non-represented staff, supervisors and employees have two options (online or paper), and it’s preferable that supervisors and employees use the online form.  

Option 1

Online Performance Form button

For help with the online form, refer to the Step by Step Guide or the FAQ.

New enhancements to the online form!

Based on your feedback, we’ve enhanced the online form for FY2019. Now you can:

  • Sort and filter reviews listed on your dashboard

  • View your form’s status on your dashboard and on the form itself

  • Avoid creating duplicate forms

Option 2

Performance Planning & Review form (.docx)


Represented Staff

For represented staff, supervisors and employees should use the current forms approved by their respective bargaining units. These forms may include:

  • Performance evaluation form #1 (.doc)
    Appropriate for all classifications except those covered by the Teamsters 2010 contract (Clerical Unit). Particularly suitable for professional, analytical, technical, and research staff classifications.  Form adapted by the Berkeley campus with the approval of the UC Irvine campus.

  • Performance evaluation form #2 (.doc) (.pdf also available)
    Appropriate for any classification including those covered by the Teamsters 2010 contract (Clerical Unit).

Other Resources

If you have questions about the forms, please contact your Employee Relations Consultant.

If you have questions about performance improvement plans or the performance review forms, please contact your Employee Relations Consultant.

You may also contact Employee Relations Customer Service at 642-7163 or via e-mail at