Performance Management Phase III: Review

The performance review summarizes the employee's contributions over the entire appraisal period (usually one year). It may occur as often as is necessary to acknowledge the employee for accomplishments and to plan together for improved performance.

Preparing for the Review

Much of the hard work of reviewing performance should be carried out before the formal meeting. Prior to the meeting managers can encourage employee involvement by asking the employee to:

  • Prepare a self-evaluation and/or
  • List accomplishments and identify areas for improvement and/or
  • Provide names of key clients who can give feedback on the employee's performance
  • Propose work-related and professional objectives for the next review period

Managers should review the employee's:

  • Objectives for the review period - level of accomplishment and progress
  • Any changes that have occurred in objectives during the year
  • Professional development over the review period
  • Input provided by key clients and colleagues
  • Previous performance reviews

View the Performance Rating Scale and Behavioral Anchors Matrix (PDF). Sample forms for non-represented and represented staff are available at Performance Management: Forms.

Conducting the Review Discussion

The review discussion is simply a continuation of the momentum established throughout the year. The key is to set a tone that is open and productive, and to ensure that by the end of the discussion both manager and employee have reached an understanding on any issues that require further discussion, timelines for completion, objectives that need to be met for the next year, and review points. For suggestions, including questions to stimulate discussion, please see the page titled "Tools and Resources for Performance Management."

1 Staff represented by Teamsters 2010 must be reviewed with an approved form and scale. See "Assessment Forms" on the Resources page. Staff represented by the CNA also have an approved form available through UHS.