Business Process Improvement

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Business Process Improvement

An approach to improve workflow by increasing efficiency and effectiveness within and across organizations. 

Tell Us About Your Project

We know there are numerous process improvement projects underway across the campus and we want to know about them and share this information with the campus community. 

Please take 5-10 minutes to tell us about your project(s).

Business Process Improvement 101 – The Essentials

We can move toward a more together, innovative, simplified, accountable and service orientated workplace by rooting out waste and ensuring that the work being undertaken is necessary and efficiently accomplished.  Since 2014 over 300 staff have participated in BPI 101 – The Essentials workshop which provides an introduction to an effective process improvement methodology and tools to:

  • Map and analyze processes.
  • Identify pain points and waste.
  • Generate ideas.
  • Obtain feedback.
  • Develop success metrics.

For more information or help with your processes please contact:

Delia Clark
Business Process Improvement Consultant
Human Resources

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