2021 Achieve Together Year-End Process

As we complete our first year of Achieve Together (April 2020 - March 2021), managers/supervisors should review the process for year-end activities:

Step 1 (May) - Managers/supervisors complete one pre-Calibration Roster for their team to assign Performance Levels for all 5 Achievement Criteria and submit it to their Achieve Together Unit Administrator 

Step 2 (May) - Achieve Together Unit Administrators hold calibration meetings to confirm or adjust supervisors’ Performance Levels, based on the completed pre-Calibration Rosters submitted by managers/supervisors in their unit

  • If any adjustments are made to an employee's Performance Levels, the Achieve Together Unit Administrators will communicate the changes to the employee's manager/supervisor

Step 3 (June 4) - Achieve Together Unit Administrators submit finalized Calibration Rosters for their L3 Org node to People & Culture 

Step 4 (June 7 - 23) - Managers/supervisors complete an Employee Performance Form (below) to record final Performance Levels (after calibration) 

  • Performance Levels for each Achievement Criteria and Overall Performance Level, along with comments, are available 

Step 5 (June 7 - 23) - Managers/supervisors discuss the Employee Performance Form with employee

Step 6 (June 7 - 23) - Employee signs off on their Employee Performance Form

  • When the employee signs the form, DocuSign automatically routes the completed form to the employee personnel file