Leadership and Career Enhancement Program for Staff of Color (LCEP)

Project Overview

UC Berkeley is trying to address long-standing issues that have limited the success, mobility and representation in leadership for our underrepresented staff and managers. To that end, we are working through a project aimed at developing a more equitable and inclusive environment for staff to support their professional development. The project includes organizational efforts that address the stated goals and a leadership program to enhance opportunities for staff of color. Executive sponsors are Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion Dania Matos and Vice Chancellor for Administration Marc Fisher.

Program Goals

The broad goal of the board is to help remove institutional barriers that have been found to impede the success of staff of color at UC Berkeley. Specifically, this includes:

  • To provide a development opportunity for campus staff/managers who are in URM categories

  • To build a pipeline of talent among campus staff/managers who are in URM categories

  • To increase career mobility for campus staff/managers who are in URM categories

  • To increase representation of campus staff/managers who are in URM categories in leadership ranks

  • To increase hiring of people of color

Program Information


Morris & Associates, LLC

LCEP Fall 2021 Program

This year, the LCEP will be offered in a hybrid format supporting two cohorts of participants. The program is not currently accepting applications. All participants for fall have gone through a comprehensive selection process in order to engage with this experience. 

Constituent Board

For more information on our Constituent Board, please visit the Constituent Board page.

Contact for Further Information:

Katrina Pantig

Learning and Development Strategist for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging