Summary of postdoctoral contract terms

  1. DURATION: 5 year contract, no mid-contract bargaining. Expires September 30, 2015.
  2. ACADEMIC JUDGMENT: Faculty retain ability to determine academic matters such as postdoc performance, research quality, goals, standards.
    1. Salary increase to all postdocs effective September 2010 (between 1.5% and 3% depending on salary).
    2. Phase-in NIH-NRSA scale between June 2011 and 2014; all postdocs on NIH scale by 2014.
      1. Postdocs more than 3% below NIH scale required to receive no more than 3% each year on reappointment.
      2. Postdocs above scale who would not otherwise receive an increase receive 2% on reappointment.
      3. Postdocs on scale receive NIH step increase rates (average 5%) on reappointment or anniversary date.
  4. APPOINTMENTS: Postdocs may be appointed in 1 year increments, with management retaining the sole discretion to reappoint or not reappoint.
  5. LAYOFF: UC retained the sole discretion to determine when layoffs shall occur. Retained the Academic Personnel Manual basis for determining when layoffs are necessary. Misapplication of layoff requirements and process may be grieved.
  6. MENTORING and EVALUATIONS: Mentoring protected as an academic matter. The process for setting Postdoc Development plans and Performance Evaluations may be grieved. The quality of mentoring / the content of a performance evaluation may not be grieved.
  7. TIME AND EFFORT COMMITMENT: UC did not agree to the UAW-proposed hourly work schedules; postdocs remain FLSA exempt. Vacation time must be used in the year it is earned, an important cost savings.
  8. BENEFITS: Health Plan is exclusive to postdocs. UC retained the right to determine benefit plan design – must share information with UAW.
    1. Postdocs begin paying for HMO coverage over course of agreement; PPO contributions increase with cost.
    2. UCRP-DCP: Eligible postdocs will redirect their DCP contributions to the UCRP. When UC increases contributions to the UCRP, postdoc shall contribute at the same time and in the same amount as other eligible represented academic employees.
  9. NO STRIKES: prohibits strikes during contract life, including sympathy strikes – permissive terms in graduate student contract were not incorporated into postdoc contract.
  10. COPYRIGHT / PATENTS: UC did not agree to UAW proposed limits on these issues.