ARTICLE 28 - Union Security

Article 28


    1. Employees in this bargaining unit have the right to join the Union, at their discretion. An employee who joins the Union shall remain a member in good standing by tendering to the Union periodic dues and initiation fees as uniformly required by the Union. This section shall remain in full force and effect until the thirtieth (30th) calendar day prior to the expiration date of this Agreement.
    2. Withdrawal notices for termination of dues deductions received by the University earlier than 30 calendar days prior to the expiration of the Agreement, shall be returned to the employee by the University with reference to this Article.
    1. Each location at which one (1) or more employees have properly completed and submitted University forms to the University requesting that Union dues be deducted from their payroll checks will submit a monthly dues deduction check to the Union. Each location shall submit the monthly dues deduction check described above less administrative costs to the Union within twenty-one (21) days of the issuance of the paycheck from which the dues have been deducted.
    2. The amount of the dues deducted from an employee's paycheck will be calculated by the University on the basis of information provided by the Union concerning its dues structure.  The Union agrees to reimburse the University for all costs actually incurred by the University as a result of changes made by the Union in the structure or method of calculation of the Union's dues during the term of this Agreement.  The Union agrees to save the University harmless from liability except for liability to the Union for moneys actually withheld, but not transmitted.  The Union further agrees to refund to the University any overpayment of money made to the Union pursuant to this Article through error or oversight on the part of the University.