ARTICLE 12 - Resignation

Article 12


  1. An employee is expected to give at least fifteen (15) calendar days notice prior to a resignation.
  2. Failure to report to work as scheduled for five (5) consecutive work days may be treated by the University as an employee’s job abandonment which will be deemed a constructive resignation.
    1. In the case of job abandonment, the University shall provide the employee with written notification of intent to separate her/him. This notification shall include the reasons for the separation and the employee's right to respond to the University within fourteen (14) calendar days. The notification shall be sent with a proof of service to the employee's last known mailing address.
    2. The employee shall have fourteen (14) calendar days from the mailing of such notice to respond to the University prior to separation. The response may, at the option of the employee, be in writing or may be a meeting with a designated University official.
  3. Separation from the University under this Article is not subject to the grievance and/or arbitration procedures of this Agreement.