ARTICLE 3 - Definitions

Article 3


A. "Break in service" shall mean any separation from University employment and pay status except when a) an employee returns from a layoff of thirty (30) calendar days or less; b) an employee returns from an approved leave without pay; c) an employee is recalled from layoff during his/her period of recall eligibility; or d) an employee is preferentially rehired during his/her period of recall eligibility.

B. "Class" is the term that refers to a job title as designated by a four-digit title code.

C. "Earning plateau" is the term describing the maximum salary rate in a class beyond which movement is the result of a promotion or reclassification. Except for the Apprentice classes, each class listed in Article 1.B represents an “earning plateau.”

D. "Employee" as used in this Agreement shall refer only to employees within the bargaining unit set forth in Article 1, Preamble and Recognition.

E. "Layoff" shall mean a reduction in time or a full layoff from work.

F. "Location" shall mean one of the following three UC Printing Services locations:

The University of California Printing Plant, Berkeley
The University of California Library Bindery, Oakland

If the University assigns employees covered by this Agreement to a location other than those set forth above, such employees shall continue to be covered by this Agreement.

G. "Pay status" shall mean any period of time for which an employee receives pay for time worked or for time on paid leave, except terminal vacation or time on extended military leave.

H. "Probationary employee" shall mean an employee who is appointed to a regular position who has not completed the probationary period as defined in Article 6 of this Agreement.

I. "Promotion" shall mean the upward movement of an employee from one position in a class to a vacant position in a class with a higher wage rate maximum.

J. "Qualifying service" means a month of service in the bargaining unit on pay status at one-half (½) time or more, except that unpaid time on military leave from the University shall be considered qualifying service. Qualifying service begins at the start of the employee's probationary period for regular employment.

K. "Reduction in time" shall mean any involuntary decrease in the number of hours in an employee's regular, daily or weekly schedule of work.

L. "Regular employee" shall mean an employee who is appointed to a regular position, and who has completed his/her probationary period.  For the purposes of this Agreement, a full time regular employee is one who is regularly scheduled to work forty (40) hours a week, except those employees in the Press, Prepress, and Edition Bindery groups at the Berkeley location whose full time schedule is thirty-seven and one-half (37½) hours per week.

M. "Regular position" shall mean one which is established at a fixed or variable percentage of time of at least fifty percent (50%) or more and is expected to continue for one (1) year or longer. In addition, a regular position is a position originally designated as a casual position but is held by the same incumbent for 12 consecutive months at 50% time or more of full time. Such “regular” designation shall be effective the first of the month following the 12 consecutive months.

N. Series" means a specific grouping of classes related by skill, knowledge and abilities. There are four series in this Agreement: Press Operator, Prepress Technician, Edition Bookbinder and Library Bookbinder.

O. "Transfer" shall mean the movement of an employee to a vacant position with the same wage rate.