ARTICLE 22 - Complaint Resolution Procedure

Article 22


  1. TERMS

    A complaint is defined as a complaint by an employee or the Union regarding the terms and conditions of an employee's employment which are not subject to the Grievance and Arbitration Procedures.
    1. The employee shall attempt to resolve complaints with his/her immediate supervisor as soon as practicable. If the complaint is not resolved through informal discussion, the employee may notify the shop steward.  The shop steward shall investigate the complaint and make a report to the Union representative.
    2. When the Union has a complaint or when an employee's complaint has not been resolved, the Union representative may bring the complaint to the attention of the University. The Union representative and the local Personnel Department will meet to discuss the complaint and to attempt to resolve it.
    3. Informal resolutions, although final, shall not be precedent setting, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties. Settlement offers made in this informal process shall not be introduced against a party or in grievances or arbitration.