ARTICLE 20 - University Benefits

Article 20


  1. For the purpose of this Article only, the term "employee" means regular and probationary employees.
  2. Employees are eligible to participate in a number of benefit programs generally available to other non-represented staff employees. Staff employees" means those employees who are not managers, supervisors, confidential, or academic employees of the University. The Union understands and agrees that the University may at its option during the term of this Agreement choose to alter the coverage, rate of employee or University contribution or carrier of these plans as they apply to all University staff employees and that, if the University does so, such changes will apply to employees covered under this Agreement. The University will notify the Union of any changes in benefit coverage during the term of this Agreement.

    Some of the benefit plans are listed below. The details of coverage and eligibility requirements have been independently communicated to the Union:

    Health Insurance
    Dental Insurance
    Life Insurance
    Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
    Business Travel Accident Insurance
    Auto/Home Owners Insurance
    Tax-Deferred Retirement Plans
    Death Payments
    Disability Insurance
  3. Prior to the open enrollment period, the University agrees to notify the Union of changes in benefit coverages and costs, if any. The notice will be posted at each of the three Printing Services locations. Further, the University agrees to meet with the Union, once each year, upon request, to discuss University benefit coverage.
  4. Employees are eligible to continue participation in University benefit plans while on an approved leave without pay or layoff for up to three (3) months or as set forth in University group insurance regulations by paying their contributions directly to the University.