Compensatory Time Off for Clerical Unit Employees

To: Managers and Supervisors of Clerical Unit Employees

Re: Compensatory Time Off Election for Clerical Unit Employees

Action: Distribution of Compensatory Time Off Election Form in Departments Where Compensatory Time Off is Offered for Overtime Worked.

Timing: Month of June

Article 10, Hours of Work, of the UC-CUE Agreement, which covers employees in the Clerical bargaining unit, describes the methods of compensation for overtime worked. A copy of the contract can be found at Labor Relations: Contracts. Section K.3.a-b. of the article states that an employee can opt to be compensated either by pay or by compensatory time off (CTO) if the department offers CTO. In order to receive CTO in lieu of pay for overtime, employees must file a written statement of preference for CTO when they are hired and during the month of June each year. An employee who elected CTO last June has to re-elect CTO this June in order to continue to be eligible to receive CTO. Similarly, an employee hired into your department since last June and who elected CTO at the time of hire has to re-elect CTO this June in order to continue to receive CTO. This is true even if the employee was hired in May of this year. An employee who did not elect CTO last June or at the time of hire may file to receive CTO starting July 1 of this year. The election, once made, may not be changed or modified until next June.

If your department does not offer compensatory time off for overtime worked, you do not need to take any action.

If your department does offer CTO, the attached “Compensatory Time Off Election Form” should be distributed to all clerical bargaining unit employees in your department during the month of June. Employees who do not sign and file the form by the close of business on June 30 must be paid for all overtime worked. The Union and the University have agreed to use the attached Compensatory Time Election Form for everyone, so please do not use any other forms to codify elections of Compensatory Time for Clerical employees in your department.

Please remember that the contract requires that overtime be assigned on the basis of seniority provided the employee has the skills necessary to perform the assigned tasks. The department may not assign or deny overtime on the basis of an employee’s decision to elect CTO or to request payment for overtime.

If you have questions regarding the overtime compensation process for Clerical unit employees, please contact your Employee Relations Consultant or If you do not know the name of your Employee Relations Consultant, go to Employee Relations: Assignments.

Labor Relations

Attachment: Compensatory Time Off Election Form for Clerical Unit Employees  (Word)