Appointment Notification Letters (BX)

Re: Revised ASE initial appointment letter - access to gender neutral bathrooms.

Please be advised that the ASE initial appointment letter template has been revised in accordance to changes in the new UAW- BX contract found in Article 2 -Appointment and Article 20 - Non discrimination in employment.   The following language has been added; 

If an ASE anticipates the need for access to an all-gender restroom, the ASE or the Union on the ASE’s behalf shall contact the Department/hiring unit or the Labor Relations office at as soon as possible after receiving this notice of appointment.  The University will work with the ASE to accommodate the request.

If you receive a request for access to a gender neutral bathroom, it should handled in a confidential and respectful manner,  similar to any other kind of accommodation request you may receive.  Here is a list of potential accommodation options which you may find helpful.

If you have additional questions about accommodation options, please call contact labor relations at