Appointment Notification Letters (BX)

Please be advised that the ASE  Appointment Notification template has been revised in accordance to changes in the new UAW- BX contract (August 23, 2018 - June 30, 2022) to include references to lactation support, reasonable accommodation, childcare reimbursement, and union contact information, and to emphasize the need for ASEs to complete all onboarding steps prior to commencing work. The appointment notification letter must be sent via e-mail, but a second copy can also be sent by US mail, campus mail or hand delivery.

Effective July 1, 2008, the University implemented a system-wide child care reimbursement program for eligible Academic Student Employees (ASEs), pursuant to Article 4 of the UAW contract. The current contract allows each eligible ASE to claim up to $1,650 per semester for expenses incurred during the ASE's appointment period and within the regular academic terms (Fall and Spring semesters). Each eligible ASE can also claim up to a total of $1100.00 for expenses incurred during his or her Summer Session appointment(s).

All eligible ASEs interested in participating must complete and sign a Claim Form (UBEN 254) (PDF). The Claim Form and required documentation must be submitted by the last day of the regular academic term following the term in which the expenses were incurred and paid for.

For example, a claim form for expenses incurred during 2011 Summer Session(s) must be submitted to the hiring department administrator the last day of the Fall 2011 term, December 16, 2011. A claim form for expenses incurred during the Fall 2011 term must be submitted by the last day of the Spring 2012 term, May 11, 2012. A claim form for expenses incurred during the 2012 Spring term or the 2012 Summer Sessions must be submitted by the last day of the Fall 2012 term, December 14, 2012.

The Claim Form and the Factsheet are available at the UCOP website  [Note the current amounts are not yet reflected in the Fact Sheet].

If you have additional questions about accommodation options, please call contact labor relations at