Be Well at Work

Be Well at Work – Wellness Program, the worksite wellness program for faculty and staff coordinated by University Health Services, strives to create a healthy campus community and work environment through integrated programs and services designed to:

  • Provide faculty and staff with tools and skills for leading healthy lifestyles, preventing injury and illness and contributing to higher performance, morale and job satisfaction.
  • Build a healthy workplace that supports healthy lifestyles by making the healthy choice the easy choice.

The Wellness Program offers a variety of programs, services, and events:

  • Workshops (and webinars) – healthy lifestyle, nutrition, cooking skills, diabetes prevention, and fitness
  • Know Your Numbers Health Screening
  • Berkeley Walks - Walking Group, pedometers at cost, online and paper tracking tools, walking events
  • UC Berkeley Wellness Ambassador Program, faculty or staff volunteers help create a culture of health within the department or work unit by promoting engagement in wellness programs, services and events.
  • Nutrition Services – Ask the Dietitian, Cook Well Berkeley
  • Wellness/injury prevention program for departments with high injury risks.
  • Breastfeeding Support Program
  • Healthy culture and environmental initiatives
  • BPM Training: Creating a Safe and Healthy Work Environment
  • Wellness Workshops for Departments (15-30-minutes)

The Wellness Program is a collaborative partnership model including campus partners Environment, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Physical Education, Recreational Sports and Be Well at Work – Disability Management, Employee Assistance, Ergonomics, Occupational Health and Work/Life.

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How to Support Health in the Workplace

  • Post and distribute Wellness Program flyers and mention upcoming programs and workshops in your staff meetings.
  • Support staff in participating in programs, trainings and events.
  • Identify a Wellness Ambassador for your work unit or department.
  • Follow the UCB Healthy Meeting & Event Guide to ensure availability of healthy choices at all unit and department meetings, events, potlucks and celebrations.
  • Support flexible work arrangements for health activities (e.g. attending classes or walking programs at noontime, later arrival or early departure to exercise).
  • Organize a wellness workshop for your unit or participate in the healthy lifestyle programs as a team.
  • Promote the Wellness Program as one of the many University benefits.
  • Also see Supporting Wellness at Work for Managers and Supervisors