Establishing Eligibility

The Benefits Eligibility Level Indicator (BELI) is a code corresponding to the appointment. BELI codes are:

BELI 1: Career benefits are provided to retirement plan members who are appointed to work at least 50% time for one year or more.

BELI 2 and 3: Career Limited benefits are provided to employees who are not retirement plan members (such as those in visiting titles) but are appointed to work 100% time for three months or more or at least 50% time for one year or more.

BELI 4: CORE benefits are provided to eligible employees who are not eligible for Career or Career Limited benefits but who are appointed at 43.75% time (17.5 hours per week) or more.

BELI 5: Ineligible categories include those paid per diem, by agreement, without salary, certain student titles, etc.

Ongoing Eligibility

For the duration of the employee's appointment, the payroll system looks at the employee's title, duration of appointment, and average paid time (APT) over the past 12 consecutive months of pay and uses this information to derive a BELI. If the system-derived BELI conflicts with the departmentally-assigned BELI, the employee's name will appear on a monthly out-of-compliance report, which will be sent to the department.

If the APT falls below or increases above the eligibility requirements for the departmentally-assigned BELI, it is your responsibility to take appropriate action by:

  • correcting the BELI if a mistake has been made in setting the BELI (may result in increased or decreased benefits eligibility)
  • changing the employee's record to correctly reflect the appointment (may result in increased or decreased eligibility)
  • changing the employee's hours to conform to the appointment

In addition to the BELI codes, there are status qualifier codes to identify employees in "qualified satus" situations who would otherwise show up as out of compliance. These codes are assigned and noted on the BELI form by the department as appropriate at the beginning of the "qualified status" situation or when the employee appears on the out-of-compliance report.

The following is a list of qualified status situations and codes. See your Department Benefits Counselor for a complete explanation of status qualifier code usage.

Status Qualifier Codes (SQC):

  • SQC 10: Appointee with Ending Date for Funding Purposes Only
  • SQC 20: Average Appointment Percent Employee (Academic)
  • SQC 30: Extended Sick Leave Recipient
  • SQC 40: Employee Rehabilitation (Formally Approved)
  • SQC 50: Split Student/Non-Student Appointee Ineligible for Benefits
  • SQC 60: Seasonal Employee
  • SQC 80: "Grandfathered Employee"
  • SQC 90: Sabbatical/Leave for Professional Renewal