Continuing attention to developing the knowledge, "how-to" skills, and habits that prepare and qualify you for the opportunities you want.

Your skills comprise your main vehicle for delivering value in the work you do – or want to do in the future. That makes lifelong learning a key to career success. When you've developed career goals [link to Goals page], you can prioritize the skills you want to develop [link to Skill Self-Estimate and Planning tool]. And of course, you can't go wrong by developing skills in the UC Berkeley Core Competencies.

The "70-20-10 Rule" [link] is an effective guideline for allocating the time and energy you spend developing your skills. It mirrors the way adults learn: It's a good guideline to spend about 70% of your learning efforts in action-learning (experience), and 20% interacting with others (like mentors and colleagues) to leverage the 10% that you spend in more passive training (books, classes, seminars, etc.)

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