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The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) has been on a short pause due to COVID. Eligible Assessees who were offered spots prior to the program pause will be offered spots in the April and October 2023 cohorts. Applications for 2024 will open in late 2023.


MSAP is designed to help engage and prepare high potential early-career staff supervisors through an intensive, off-site assessment center experience.  

There are typically two program offerings of this intensive residential program, both of which are located at the UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead during the following times:

  • Spring 2023 Program: April 10 - 13

  • Fall 2023 Program: October 9 -12

UC Berkeley will participate with up to 6 Assessees (participants) per program.


  • The program fee is $1,900 per Assessee (participant). This fee covers: lodging, meals, in-person program delivery, and all program resources, tools, and support. All travel costs and incidentals are the responsibility of the Assessee and/or their department. 
    • Aside from the travel and incidentals, the cost of participation in this program is covered by UC Berkeley People & Culture.
    • Cancellations: If an Assessee cancels prior to the program cancellation deadline, UC Berkeley People & Culture will receive a refund for their program fee from the MSAP program coordinator. However, if an Assessee cancels after the cancellation deadline, a refund will not be given. In this instance, the program fee ($1,900) must be repaid by the Assessee's department to People & Culture.
      • Chartstrings + supervisor recognition of this policy will be requested at the time of acceptance to the program.
      • No charges will be made unless a cancellation occurs after the cancellation deadline.
        • Cancellation deadline for April 2023 session: February 24, 2023
        • Cancellation deadline for October 2023 session: August 25, 2023
  • Travel costs and incidental expenses must be approved by the Assessee's direct line supervisor and be covered by the Assessee and/or their department.

Program Description

This four-day Management Skills Assessment Program provides insights and experiences that have a profound impact on participants’ professional development. Through a variety of simulated experiences and observational feedback, MSAP enables Assessees to identify their managerial strengths, determine areas for improvement, learn about the range of skills necessary for effective management, and practice those skills in a supportive environment. Assessees work with their assigned Assessor to begin designing an individualized professional development plan. Significant pre-work is required of Assessees prior to the program, including a 360-degree feedback process and a 90-minute simulation exercise.

Supervisor’s Role

The supervisor's role in supporting an employee's participation in the MSAP is crucial to the ultimate success of that employee's experience of the program as a whole. Supervisors who agree to sponsor employee's MSAP applications are agreeing to make a commitment to participate in preparatory and follow-up activities with that employee. Without this commitment on the part of the supervisor, MSAP Assessees cannot fully take advantage of the information and energy they will get from the MSAP program.

Selection Process

Applicants must obtain their supervisor’s written statement of support (see Assessee applicant’s supervisor section below) and submit it along with their application prior to the application deadline. 


The assessment program is intended for UC Berkeley staff with high potential, strong commitment to developing management skills, and demonstrated interest in a managerial career. It is especially suited for those early in their development as a manager.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have one or more years of service at UC (career status, past probation) as of the application deadline.
  • Intended for individuals who have one to five years of experience supervising people or projects.
  • Be on the UC Berkeley staff in one of the following Career Compass title codes: Professional level 3, 4 or 5, Supervisor 1 or 2, or Manager 1 or 2.
  • You may view your primary job title just below your name at the top left section of your UCPath home page. The job title contains a number, such as Project Policy Analyst 3. The number following the descriptor will determine whether your title code is a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.
  • You may also review your current job description to verify your job title and job category (such as Professional 4, Supervisor 1).
  • Please consult with your supervisor or your HR manager, if you have any questions about your current job title to meet the above criteria.
  • Complete all modules in the Berkeley People Management, Grow Today, certificate (~ 9 hours, fully online curriculum) by the application deadline.
  • Supervisor recommendation submitted in the online application system by the application deadline.
  • Demonstrated interest in a career as a manager or leader (demonstrated through education and/or experience.)

Information Needed to Prepare Your Application

Assessee applicants will be asked for the following:

  • Information about your current position (Department, Payroll Title, Title Code, Personnel Program, Length of UC Service, Length of service at present job level, and campus mailing address.
  • Educational background.
  • Position history, including supervisory experience.
  • A self-statement about the nature of your interest in MSAP; experience with supervision, management; and team/project leadership.
  • The areas you perceive as your management strengths and growth areas; and how MSAP will assist in your current job and professional/career development plans.
  • Your supervisor’s name, title, email and campus mailing address.

Assessee applicant’s supervisor

Once the Assessee applicant completes all portions of their application, they will click on Submit Application. When that step is complete, the supervisor will then receive an email notice with a link to complete their portion in the application. Please comment on the following, within the application, and be as specific as possible to provide a complete, clear statement of support about the employee's participation:

  • Your reason for recommending and supporting your employee's participation in MSAP.
  • How you believe your employee's participation in MSAP will benefit the employee, the department and the university.
  • How you plan to support your employee in his/her professional and career development.
  • Any special circumstances affecting the employee's job or the department, such as a major shift in employee's position, redirection of department goals or reorganization.


The link to the UC systemwide MSAP page and application can be found at If additional assistance is needed after reviewing the site, please contact Andrea Parthasarathy, Career and Professional Development Specialist, at

Wanted: MSAP Assessors

We are looking to grow the UC Berkeley Assessor team to support the Assessee experience during each 4-day MSAP. This is an excellent professional development opportunity to contribute and deepen one’s coaching and assessment skills within a collaborative environment working with and supporting staff across the UC system.  

Assessor Role

During MSAP, the Assessor will work closely with another Assessor to support a small cohort of Assessees in the following ways: administer exercises, provide behavioral feedback, and provide coaching based on collective feedback. After MSAP, the Assessor may serve as a mentor to MSAP Assessee graduates from their campus.  

Assessor Qualifications

Assessors are expected to be experienced, supportive people managers who meet most of the following criteria:

  • Coaching experience.

  • Employee development experience.

  • Experience leading or working with groups.

  • Ability to provide objective, behavioral-based feedback.

  • Supervisory and/or management experience.

  • Ability to commit to serving as an Assessor in at least one MSAP a year for at least two consecutive years.

Assessor Training

Assessors receive a 2-day training in advance of their first MSAP and additional training on-site at MSAP to prepare them for their role. There is no charge for staff to attend the Assessor training itself. However, your department would need to cover all of your travel, lodging and incidental costs to/from the Assessor training program.


If you are interested in serving as an Assessor, please contact UC Berkeley MSAP Location Coordinator, Andrea Parthasarathy, at for additional information.

MSAP Graduates

Kudos to the following UC Berkeley staff who have participated as MSAP Assessees and completed their program!

"MSAP was an incredible and transformative experience for me as a new leader at UC Berkeley.  The program gave me a chance to pause and reflect on my leadership strengths, challenges, and potential.  I returned back to campus inspired and energized—with a new network of connections to other rising leaders in the UC system."

-- Ben Warner - Associate Director, Employer Relations, UC Berkeley Career Center

Fall 2022

Jazmine Castaneda

Min Choi

Lisa Robinson

Zhaoqian (Anna) Zeng

Fall 2019

Dan Hibbing

Lauren Krupa

Blake Lindsay

Sri B V.

JC Villanueva

Ben Warner

"MSAP was a life changing experience - I learned about management skills but mostly about myself and how I interact with others. More so than that, it taught me to see myself how others see me. It gave me a tool set on how to harness my strengths and improve on my areas for development. This program gave me the tools I needed to move into a supervisory position within a year of attending this program! I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to grow within their profession." 

-- Sarah A Gaugler, CRA RACC (she/her/hers) - Research Administration Supervisor, Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) Region 1 | ERSO

Spring 2019

Kay Dawson

Allison Dove

Sarah Gaugler

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