Consistent with guidance from campus and public health officials to encourage social distancing to limit the community spread of the coronavirus, all staff career development workshops and career coaching sessions will be held remotely until further notice.  Registrants will be sent a link to participate online.

Combining your understanding of self and environment to develop short and longer-term goals for your career. These give energy and direction to your career development actions.

Setting goals means integrating what is most important to you (Self) with the landscape of professional opportunities (Environment) into a vision of what you want in your career. Even if you are not 100% certain, there is value in setting flexible goals.

Career Development Workshops

Take a workshop focused on planning goals & action steps

  • Planning for Your Next Career Move
  • Job Search Effectiveness

Career Development Action Plan

Use the "Career Development Action Plan" to identify and track steps toward your goal.

Meet with a Career Coach

Sometimes when things aren't clear, meeting with a career development professional can help. 

LinkedIn Learning

Pertinent courses include, "Creating a Career Plan" and "Successful Goal Setting."