Frequently Asked Questions - Supervisor/Manager review and approvals

How will the employee access their self-evaluation?

The employee will have access after the supervisor finalizes the approvals and sends it to the employee for review and signature.

Will the employee be able to access the completed performance evaluation online and can I view or edit what I wrote last year?

Yes, the employee will have access to the completed review through their dashboard. FY17-18 reviews remain on your dashboard, and can be viewed. If you are new to supervising an individual, their past year’s review can be sourced from Berkeley Regional Services through their records department.

I don't see my 2nd level approver's email address in the drop down menu.

Please use the name provided in the LDAP Directory.

The 2nd level approver has approved the review, but now the supervisor cannot access the review.

The 2nd level approver must press two buttons: the, "Add Signature," and then the, "Approve; Send Back to Supervisor," buttons in order to approve the review and send it back to the supervisor. After this, the supervisor will be able to access the review.

Does my 2nd level approver have to sign the review and hit the Approve/Reject button?

A signature is required to approve the review, while no signature is required to resubmit/review.

My next level manager is a PI/faculty, can I skip having them approve it?

Yes, as a supervisor, you can assign the second level review to yourself. You will have to go through two approval processes, one as a supervisor, the other as a 2nd level approver.

Can the supervisor designate someone else to process a review in the tool?

Since the process is UCPath based, designees are not allowed.

I'd like to reassign performance evaluations to a new supervisor. How do I do this?

Currently the system is unable to reassign performance evaluations. New supervisors must start new evaluation forms for their employees. Copies of previously completed performance reviews for reference may be requested through the department's HR Business partner.

How long am I able to change the rating in the tool?

You may change the rating at any time prior to the cycle ending. However, making changes after the 2nd level approver signs, will require having to go through the process of getting their signature after the change is made.

Will the supervisor and next level manager have access to the completed form even after the employee signs off? What about six months after the process is completed?

Yes, as view only. The form will be available as view only for the rest of the review period up until August 31st.

My department uses a committee review to ensure consistency in ratings. How will the committee access the reviews?

Only the supervisor, employee and second level manager have access to the electronic forms. Reviews can be printed for this purpose.