Frequently Asked Questions - Starting a new form

My employee's name doesn't come up in the search!

The name used in the search is from the LDAP directory. Also, please do not enter a space after the name (e.g. “John “ provides different results from “John”). If you are having trouble locating a specific person, try searching using a First Name OR Last Name to widen your search.

My employee’s name isn’t on the dashboard!

Confirm the user has access to form. Unfortunately, performance reviews completed by another supervisor will not be visible.

My employee's name has changed and needs to be updated in the tool? How to update?

Please reach out to the First Contact Team by submitting a ticket through ServiceNow.

When I'm creating a new form, find an employee, and click the "Select" button, nothing shows up.

Log out and log back in to the tool and try again. In addition, it is advisable to use Chrome. Chrome is the best browser to use with that tool.

I'm the new supervisor and I didn't write the reviews last year. Can I pull them up or do I need to start new one's?

You will need to start a new review. You can also request a .pdf version of the previous performance review from Berkeley Regional Services.

Does a group or manager need to use the self-evaluation form within the system or can a group use their own?

The self-assessment (review) is an opportunity to create two way communication around performance. This supports a performance based culture, while not required we strongly encourage managers to incorporate the self-assessment in their performance management process. The self-review found in the tool becomes a part of the employee’s record on file.

While it’s technically possible for managers and groups to conduct constructive conversations outside the on-line performance management tool, we strongly encourage incorporating use of the tool as it’s specifically designed to capture and support meaningful two-way conversations around performance management.


I do not want to share my email address. Is it necessary for the tool? Who can I speak with?

Having an email address is necessary in order to use the tool.