Frequently Asked Questions - Reassignment


Will I receive more compensation if I work at a higher level?

That depends on the scope of the work assigned and the duration of the assignment. Decisions are handled on a case by case base, in accordance with standard campus procedures governing the performance of work at a higher level for an appropriate period of time.

Could I or my staff be reassigned?

Yes. Employees may be re-assigned, depending upon the operational needs of the campus.

What will my duties and responsibilities be? Are there classification issues around this?

In an emergency situation, the duties and responsibilities will be determined by the unit management. It is expected that employees will work in their units and perform the tasks necessary to restore the department to operating status. Depending on the length of time and whether the person performs duties at a higher level, the person may be considered for a stipend or temporary reclassification.

If staff are exempt from overtime, can they collect additional pay/compensation?

Exempt employees (under the FLSA) are not eligible for additional pay, nor do they earn overtime.

Exempt employees are eligible for stipends if they perform work for an extended period of time outside their normal assignments (typically at a higher salary level).