Frequently Asked Questions - PPSM Pay Matters

PPSM Pay Matters

Will Limited Appointment increases be a percentage or a half-step?

As with other increases - merit, promotion, reclassification - the salary structure for the position will determine whether increases are granted by percentage or step: positions with step ranges will remain eligible for a half-step increase; limited appointment employees who meet the requirements will be eligible for a percentage increase of up to 2%.

How are temporary assignments addressed under the PPSM program?

With one exception, under the PPSM program, stipends are granted to employees, including those in step ranges, in place of temporary reclassifications or promotions. Thus, employees in this program retain their classification and are granted a stipend as a percentage of their salary. The PPSM procedures identify the factors managers should consider in recommending an administrative stipend.

In certain cases, a temporary reclassification or promotion to a higher level position may be appropriate to assure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If the employee's permanent position is non-exempt under FLSA, e.g., Financial Analyst 2, and the higher level position is exempt under FLSA, e.g., Financial Analyst 3, a temporary reclassification/ promotion with a change in title may be appropriate. Otherwise, any time worked over 40 hours in a workweek in the higher level position would have to be compensated at the premium rate of time and a half and conflict with the exemption of the higher level position.

Note that consideration for a stipend may also be given on an exceptional basis for performance of "other significant duties not part of the employee's regular position."

Do employees who accept lateral transfers retain merit eligibility if they transfer within three months of a merit review date?

Yes, employees who accept lateral transfers retain eligibility for their merit increases.

Who has the authority to approve new-hire starting salaries?

Under the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM), the hiring department is delegated salary setting authority, up to and including Step 3, for those in step ranges, and between the minimum and up to and including the midpoint of the range for those in salary grade ranges. The Vice Chancellor approves salaries above the midpoint and Step 3. (Information about delegations for setting salaries upon reclassification, promotion, or lateral transfer is posted elsewhere on this site.)