Frequently Asked Questions - Payroll


How do we fill out time sheets if someone works for multiple departments?

Depending upon the nature of the disaster, the types of systems available, and length of time of work stoppage, we would pay employees the same as the previous pay period. Other factors that will be considered include timing of the disaster and the length of time functions are expected to be down.

Who do I pay?

Make checks payable to "UC Regents," and send them to the normal location:
Business Services - Insurance Section
University of California
2195 Hearst Ave #120
Berkeley, CA 94720-1104

If the Berkeley campus is shut down, payments should be sent to the Office of the President unless the disaster is affecting them as well:
UC Human Resources & Benefits
Health & Welfare Administration
PO Box 24570
Oakland, CA 94623-1570

What will the frequency of payment be?

Payments will be made as regularly scheduled unless the disaster requires a change.

Will staff be paid by paper check or direct deposit?

If the direct deposit system is available, staff will continue to be paid in that manner.

If I am out on a leave, how do I pay my benefits premium?

Payments, payable to "UC Regents," should be sent to the normal location unless other instructions are announced:
Business Services - Insurance Section
University of California
2195 Heast Ave #120
Berkeley, CA 94720-1104

If email is still running, emails giving pertinent information would be sent out. Website communications would be used if available as well.

What will the next pay date be?

Normal dates will be adhered to unless the disaster requires changing the dates.

When will employees get paid?

Employees will be paid on the next regular pay day.