Frequently Asked Questions - LCEP

I was nominated previously - do I need to be re-nominated?

People who were nominated for the 2019 program will be automatically added to the nomination pool for selection for the 2020 program. They do not need to be re-nominated.

How can I determine my Title Code?

Log onto Blu. In the top left of your Blu homepage, you will see on the first line your job code (a 4 digit number followed by U), your job descriptor (words followed by a number), and then your exempt status. The job descriptor is where you can tell whether your job level is a P (Professional), M (Manager), or S (Supervisor). The number following the descriptor will determine whether your title code is a 1, 2, 3, etc. Individuals with Manager in their job descriptor fall into the M category; those with Supervisor in their job descriptor fall into the S category; all others fall into the Professional, or P category.

Why are we doing this program?

We have various development opportunities that target specific populations to meet particular organizational needs, such as the BPM program for supervisors and managers. The LCEP program is designed to help us address specific organizational goals around opportunities for our underrepresented staff who have historically been overlooked. We also have numerous career and professional development programs that do not have specific target audiences: the NOW conference, career workshops, technology training, etc.

Where can I go to see development opportunities if I don't fall into the nomination criteria for this program?

Berkeley offers numerous learning and developing opportunities available to staff. Please visit the Wisdom Café and the Development pages of the HR website for more information.

Can I be selected if I am in my 3rd year?

No, you must have completed 3 years of service before the program start date.

Can I be nominated by my manager?

Your manager can recommend your nomination to your Dean, Vice Chancellor or Vice Provost, but the nomination must come from the senior leader.

How is this program being funded?

Central HR is funding this in partnership with the Division of Equity and Inclusion.

Do I really need to attend all sessions?

Yes, it is important to fully participate in all aspects of the program.

Who chooses the final cohort from the nominees?

There is a selection committee made up of representatives from Central HR and E&I as well as some of the program graduates.

Is there more the campus is doing to address the needs of our underrepresented staff?

Yes, we have formed a Constituent Board, under the sponsorship of Oscar Dubon and Marc Fisher, that is working to identify the organizational issues that have historically impacted our staff of color, and to take actions to address those issues. These may be in the form of policies, practices, structural issues, and opportunities. The Board is made up of representatives from Central Human Resources, Equity and Inclusion, the ethnic staff organizations, and LCEP program graduates.