Frequently Asked Questions - Editing and submitting the form

What is the purpose of Share/Hide comments mode?

Both the employee and manager/supervisor can enter comments on the form in a private mode, at the same time. No one can read the contents until share mode is selected which makes comments visible to the other. Both can go back and forth between these modes until they come to a final draft of the review. This feature also reduces the number of emails.

How do I share my comments with my supervisor?

There are two ways to do this. Clicking, "Show Comments to Supervisor," will allow your supervisor to view your comments, while you still maintain access to modify and edit your comments. Please note that this does not officially return your review to your supervisor. Clicking, "Save Changes; Show Comments to Supervisor; Return Performance Review to Supervisor," will make your comments visible and submit your review to your supervisor.

Can I save without having to submit?

Yes, you can save a review by clicking “Save Changes” at the bottom of the online form. The system is designed to let you save drafts and changes as needed.


Once I submit, can I make changes afterwards?

The document can be reverted to edit state at any time in the process up to the employee signature - it will remove the signatures from the form, and the signature steps will need to be repeated after the changes have been made. After the employee signs, the form can only be opened for editing through a manual process - contact the First Contact Team via ServiceNow to inquire about reopening the form.

I'm not getting all the email notifications that I received last year. How do I know where the PE is?

The number of email notifications were reduced due to the feedback from users throughout campus. Your dashboard will have a section for “Status” and “Action Needed To Advance” to show status and help guide you through the next steps. You may also need to contact your supervisor to confirm the stages of the process.

How do I route the reviews to my HRBP?

This can’t be done within app.

How do I delete a review form?

Supervisors have the ability to delete a review form. Open the form you would like to delete and click the Delete button at the bottom of the form.

I cannot find the Delete button!

The review may have already been forwarded on to the second level approver or the employee. Click the “Open for Editing. Signatures will be removed” or “Save Changes; Close Employee Review” button to close the form, first. Then the Delete button will become available.

I clicked on the 'Save Changes; Return Performance Review To Supervisor' button, but now I can't see my review any more - what happened?

When an employee clicks the 'Save Changes; Return Performance Review To Supervisor' button - that employee loses their view access to the review. Don't worry though, this just means their supervisor is working on the review in draft mode. Please ask the supervisor to re-share the review in order for the employee to view.