Detailing a Bullying Claim

Detailing the behavior you have encountered makes your personal experience less abstract for those responsible for assessing your situation.  

Your bullying report may include:

  • A Statement (oral or written) detailing the following:

    • Date, time, & place of each incident?

    • Who was present?

    • What was said/How was it said?

    • How did the behavior affect you (in the moment/later)?

    • How did the behavior affect others?

    • Has this type of behavior happened before?

    • Is this behavior part of a pattern?  If so, what does the pattern look like?

  • Supporting documentation.  Some examples may include:

    • Emails

    • Texts

    • Notes

    • Letters

    • Voicemails

  • A list of witnesses (if applicable)

PLEASE NOTE: A report may be made orally and does not need to be in writing. If the oral report contains sufficient information the University will respond as it would for a written report. “Sufficient information” will differ from case to case. Generally, it is important to try to include the name of the individual alleged to have engaged in bullying behavior, the target(s) of the conduct, any witnesses to the conduct, and specific examples of the conduct.

To report a concern contact the Employee Labor Relations team