Elective Courses

Select 1 Course from each Competency, for a total of 4 Electives and complete them either online or in person based on the availability.

Managing People (Choose a minimum of 1 course)

Managing People Course eLearn In Person
KEYS: Recruiting and Hiring Staff *
KEYS: Delegation Skills *
KEYS: Creating an Inclusive Work Environment *
KEYS: Building Teams *
KEYS: Supervising in a Union Environment *
Identifying and Addressing Workplace Bullying
Collaborating Effectively in the Workplace
Workplace Civility: Respect in Action
Identifying the Root Causes of Performance Issues
Managing Cross Functional Teams
The Delegation Process
Successful Delegation: Supervise and Encourage
Use Delegation to Develop Your Team

(Please note * for Managers and Supervisors only)

Operations (Choose a minimum of 1 course)

Operations Course eLearn In Person
Results Curve
KEYS:  Minimizing Risk *
KEYS: Running Effective Meetings *
KEYS:  Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace *
Help Your Employees Prioritize Their Work 
Developing Resourcefulness

(Please note * for Managers and Supervisors only)

Change Management (Choose a minimum of 1 course)

Change Management Course eLearn In Person
KEYS: Leading Change *
MDP:  Change Strategies Part 1 and 2 *
Resilience and Renewal 
Change Project  Management – The Crucial Role of Communication 
Choosing the Right Strategy for Implementing Change 
Leadership Essentials – Leading Change
Managing Change – Building Positive Support for Change 
Leading Change

(Please note * for Managers and Supervisors only)

Communications (Choose a minimum of 1 course)

Communications Course eLearn In Person
Responding to Conflict
Exercising Influence 
KEYS: Communication Skills: Listening and Feedback *
KEYS: Dealing with Disputes and Disagreements *
Intro To Mediation: Facilitating Workplace Disputes 
Facilitating Upward Feedback
Dealing with Negative Reactions to Performance Feedback
Building Collaborative Relationships
Communicating – Connecting to Your People 
Communicating During Difficult Times 
Strategies for Communicating with Tact & Diplomacy
Leadership Essentials – Communicating Vision 
Interpersonal Communication that Builds Trust
Working Out and Through Conflict
Adapting Your Conflict Style
You and Your Negotiating Counterpart
Organizational Communication
Communicating with Confidence

(Please note * for Managers and Supervisors only)