Goal-Setting: Decision-Making

At some point in the career development process you will be faced with decisions. Some of the most common career decisions include:

  • Whether to change occupations
  • Whether to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Accepting or declining a job offer or promotion
  • Deciding to stay in your current career path
  • Pursuing additional education or training
  • Scaling back your work life
  • Choosing among several different job offers

It is important to get to know your decision-making style and to examine how your career decisions from the past have served you. If you have chronically had difficulty making career decisions, it could be useful to speak with a career counselor. That person can help you sort out whether you are in a state of indecision that could be addressed by gathering additional information, or whether you are feeling indecisive, which may be more of an indication of anxiety that could be addressed emotionally.

Decision-Making Exercise (PDF)