Conflict Resolution & Prevention Training

The Staff Ombuds Office offers a variety of classes and workshops to help manage and resolve conflict in the workplace. For a list of current dates of Conflict Resolution & Prevention trainings, please visit the Staff Ombuds Office Training page.

Below are general descriptions of classes we offer and our class schedule for 2018. TO REGISTER for a class, enter the UC Learning Center site directly through the Blu portal. Classes are free.

Workplace Civility: Respect in Action

Learn practical steps for promoting civility at work, including guidelines for considerate conduct and ideas for creating a more inclusive work environment. Participants will also learn how to help their unit establish group norms and effective ways to respond to rudeness.

Schedule: September 25, 2018 or February 9, 2019; 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Email Civility

Email is a wonderful tool, but when used improperly it can inflame existing conflicts or even create new ones. Learn when and how to use email effectively so that you can foster a more civil and productive workplace.

Schedule: not offered this year

Identifying and Addressing Workplace Bullying

Bullying can take many forms, some of which are obvious and others of which, though more indirect, can be equally destructive to working relationships. Participants will learn about how to recognize bullying behavior; how to distinguish bullying from incivility; what climates encourage bullying; the impact of workplace bullying; options for how bystanders can effectively respond; and constructive approaches to dealing with workplace bullies. This workshop includes new components from Employee Assistance regarding self-care to manage stress associated with workplace bullying and Human Resources regarding the role of HR in cases of workplace bullying and the university complaint process.

Schedule: October 24, 2018; 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Collaborating Effectively in the Workplace

To be successful in the rapidly changing workplace, where jobs and people change fast – staff must be able to collaborate with a variety of people within and outside the organization who have the skills, resources, and influence to tackle increasing complex challenges.  Collaboration is a skill and a set of practices that are rarely taught in the workplace.  In this course staff will learn about characteristics of collaboration; when and why to collaborate; collaboration success factors; the role leadership plays in collaboration; and ways to improve communication and strengthen collaborative behaviors within and across teams and departments.

Schedule: December 5, 2018; 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Culture and Conflict Resolution

Research on communication and conflict resolution indicates that preferred or default styles are culturally patterned and often heightened during levels of stress and anxiety. In this class, participants will gain insight into their own personal conflict approach and different ways of addressing conflicts. They will also explore common cultural differences and identify aspects of their own cultural views. Finally, participants will learn communication skills that will help to constructively handle conflicts that have cultural components. 

Schedule: not offered this year

Conflict Competency for Teams

In order to achieve high performance on teams, team members must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively handle their inevitable differences, disagreements and disputes. This class will focus on types of team conflict and how conflict emerges, as well as common barriers to conflict resolution. Participants will learn how to create the right climate that fosters open and honest discussion and how to use constructive communication techniques and express concerns safely and respectfully. 

Schedule: not offered this year

KEYS Workshop - for Supervisors and Managers (only):

Keys to Enhance Your Supervisory Success (KEYS) is UC Berkeley’s supervisory training program. KEYS is designed for new supervisors as well as experienced supervisors who want to hone their supervisory skills. The following workshop is part of the KEYS curriculum:

Dealing with Disputes and Disagreements

Effectively managing conflict in the workplace is a key management responsibility. When conflicts are not resolved, individuals, work groups, and even the entire department may become dysfunctional. Managing conflict requires skills that can be taught. Course participants will learn how to select the appropriate strategy for managing workplace conflict, how to analyze and map workplace conflict, how to assess different conflict styles, and the skills of effective listening and speaking needed to manage conflict.

Schedule: TBD

Tailored Classes on Conflict Resolution

The Staff Ombuds Office can tailor any of our regular classes to the needs of individual campus departments or units. Please call (510) 642-7823 for more information and to set-up an appointment to discuss your department or unit’s needs.