Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all staff retirees able to apply to Encore Bears?

Non-represented, Professional 1-5, Manager 1-4, and Supervisor 1-2 positions are invited to join the Encore Bears-LinkedIn Group. These classifications were selected based on input from campus managers who identified where the need was greatest.

For retirees who were in the Professional, Manager or Supervisor classification but accepted the Voluntary Separation Program, (VSP), there are specific conditions and requirements which apply if they return prior to the three year period which prohibits VSP participants from returning to campus.

Please contact the Encore Bears program at if you accepted the VSP and have questions about the conditions for returning to campus.

Will hiring managers be able to reemploy a retiree known to them from their unit?

Yes, hiring managers may seek approval to rehire a retiree known to them. The retiree rehire packet must be completed and submitted in the usual manner.

After I retire, when can I return to a Berkeley position through the Encore Bears-LinkedIn Group?

There must be a break in service of at least 30 days or after the first retirement payment is received. Generally a 90 day break in service is observed prior to the retiree rehire.

I understand there is a specific retiree rehire policy that applies to those who retire under the age of 60? What is it?

If an employee plans to retire prior to the normal retirement age of 60, they must not engage in discussions concerning re-employment until after the first monthly retirement payment is received or after 30 days.

What is the time commitment for reemployed retiree positions?

UCOP policy allows a retiree to be rehired at the equivalent of 43% or less time for up to a 12-month period once approved by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. Retirees rehired must maintain the equivalent of 43% or less time over one year in order to continue receiving UC pension benefits.

Attention must be paid to avoid working beyond the total approved time allocation or the retiree could be required to cancel their retiree health insurance and enroll in an employee health insurance plan. If a retiree reemployed or family member is enrolled in Medicare, there could be potential Medicare complications.

To minimize situations where individuals draw a retirement benefit and another UC income simultaneously, Regents Policy 7706 requires that retired employees be reemployed with an appointment of no more than 43% time during any 12-month period.

The equivalent of 43% time can be allocated at a higher percentage of time during certain periods based on the business needs of the unit and to provide operational flexibility. For example, a 43% appointment may also be calculated as any monthly percentage and duration that mathematically equals or is less than 43% of a 12-month period.

For example:

  • 43% for 12 months = 100% for 5.16 months
  • 50% for 10 months = 100% for 5 months
  • 75% for 6 months = 100% for 4.5 months
For further information, and to read Regents Policy 7706, click here.

What is the daily schedule if I return to campus?

The daily schedule is determined between the supervisor and the returning staff member balancing the business needs of the unit, timelines for completing assignments and the scheduling needs of the retiree.

Beyond joining the Encore Bears-LinkedIn Group and maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile with reference to specific campus experience and skills, are there any other steps required before I can return to campus?

Hiring managers are required to submit a retiree rehire packet which includes the four documents noted below. A retired UC staff member receiving pension benefits and seeking to return to campus is required to complete the UCRP Reemployed Retiree Notification form called UBEN 1039 which is one of the four documents required prior to returning to campus. It is a simple, one-page form that will be provided to you during the rehire process.

  1. Retired Employee Approval form, UBEN 138 (required by UCOP)
  2. UC Berkeley Supplement, UBEN 138
  3. UCRP Reemployed Retiree Notification form, UBEN 1039 (completed by the retiree)
  4. Job Description (provided by the hiring unit)