Salary Rates

To find salary rates for specific titles (both grade-based and step-based), use the Title Code System (TCS) Web Inquiry tool:

Base Pay
, which is your regular salary, is either grade-based (for non-represented staff) or step-based (for represented staff). Salary ranges (from the Guide to Managing HR) for base pay are defined differently for these two salary structures.

Pay By Agreement

By Agreement Title Codes

Title Codes are "By Agreement" when there are no specific salary ranges associated with that title code. Titles are "By Agreement" when incumbents in those positions might be paid a wide range of salaries based upon specialization (e.g., football coaches are generally paid significantly more than tennis coaches). By Agreement title codes may have any DOS codes; they are NOT restricted to BYA or BYN.

By Agreement DOS (Description of Service) Codes

Payroll DOS (description of service) codes can be BYA (By Agreement - eligible for retirement) or BYN (By Agreement - not eligible for retirement). By Agreement DOS codes are NOT restricted to By Agreement title codes.

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