Important Deadlines

Summary of Processes – important deadlines




Salary Increase

Salary increases based on merit, internal equity, and the external market

Funded by the unit.

a)      Performance Rating and Salary Increase decisions due by 8/31/17

b)      Salary Increase Rosters are released the week of 9/4/17 by Central HR.

c)       Salary Increase Rosters due by 9/22/17 - CUA's/CAO's/Chiefs of Staff (or their designees including HR Partners) coordinate collection of manager decisions to be entered in roster for review for completeness and adherence to budget.

d)      Information will be uploaded to the HR system (HCM).

e)      Increases will be retroactively effective 7/1/17 for monthly paid, and 6/18/17 for biweekly paid, if all contingencies are satisfied.

f)       Salary increases will be coded as merit increases.


Performance based one-time bonuses,

Centrally allocated funding.

a)      Handled through the regular award process.

b)      Effective upon receipt of an award; timing varies but is often at the end of the fiscal year for Achievement Awards.

c)      Processed by CSS through the normal process.

d)      Coded as XSL and entered in the Payroll System.