Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Career positions: Individuals appointed to career positions in grades 15-30 covered by PPSM policy on or before January 3, 2017 are eligible regardless of funding source.

  2. Contract positions: Individuals on employment contracts may be eligible and are handled on a case-by-case basis.  If an increase is provided to an individual on contract, the unit will need to (a) provide funding for those who will receive an increase, (b) update the contract with the new salary amount, and (c) enter the increase into the HCM system by 9/23/17.

  3. Individuals must be (a) appointed to a PPSM position on or before January 3, 2017, (b) in a PPSM position on July 1, 2017, and (c) must remain on payroll in an eligible position and appointment on the date that the pay increase is paid.

  4. Excluded:
    1. Individuals who were hired after January 3, 2017,
    2. Individuals whose current salary exceeds the new salary range maximum,
    3. Individuals who separate from employment on or before the payout date,
    4. Manager 4 level employees,
    5. Rehired retirees,
    6. Athletic positions covered by contracts that contain performance bonuses, and
    7. Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements. Represented employees’ compensation is covered by their respective labor agreements. Human Resources will communicate any compensation changes for employees covered by collective bargaining as the contracts are finalized.