Non-Cash Awards

Definition & Criteria

Recognition Awards (non-cash, up to $75 in value) are for specific contributions to the departmental mission or strategic plan. Recognition Awards are in the form of non-negotiable gift cards, certificates, plaques, or a range of preselected items of limited monetary value. Non-cash awards are limited to up to $75 in value.


Employees eligible for non-cash Recognition Awards must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Employee on the Berkeley campus below the SMG level.
  • Appointment type is one of the following: Career, Partial-Year Career, Limited, Casual Restricted (student employees), Per Diem, or Contract, where eligibility is incorporated into the terms of the contract.
  • On pay status at the time of payout.

Timing and Amount Limits

  • Non-Cash Awards may be awarded at any time during a fiscal year to eligible employees.
  • Non-Cash Awards should be processed as soon as possible after the completion of the project or task.
  • Receipt of a non-cash award does not count toward the $1000 limit per employee per fiscal year.


Below are some ideas for non-cash Recognition Awards and Award Programs:

  • Non-negotiable gift certificates (worth $75 or less), including:
    • Restaurant certificates
    • Merchandise (e.g., department store)
    • Entertainment venue (e.g., theater or cinema)
  • Department recognition plaques, certificates, or personalized articles (e.g., coffee mug entitled "Best Employee of the Year")
  • Peer (co-worker) recognition programs, with plaques, certificates, or personalized articles
  • Employee taken out to lunch by manager