Disability Plans

UC provides Short-Term Disability, Supplemental Disability insurance and UC Retirement Plan (UCRP)  disability to benefits to eligible employees.  These benefits in conjunction with state-mandated Workers' Compensation and Social Security disability benefits create a comprehensive safety net to protect employees from loss of wages over the course of a disability period.

To be eligible for Short-Term Disability coverage, you must be eligible for the Full benefits package.  UC pays the premium. However, the Short-Term plan only provides very basic disability coverage – 55% of your salary up to $800 per month for six months.  

In order to have full income replacement coverage, it is recommended that both faculty and staff employees strongly consider enrolling in the Supplemental Disability Plan.  The supplemental disability plan provides 70% of your salary up to $10,000 per month for up to one year. If you are totally disabled, the plan continues to pay up to 50% of your salary until you reach age 65.

For information about things to consider, please read either Supplemental Disability Information for Faculty or Supplemental Disability Information for Staff.  To be eligible for Supplemental Disability, you must be eligible for Full benefits.  You pay the premium.

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