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Cal Nourish - Give a gift of food to Berkeley Students in Need!

Cal Nourish is a way for staff to come together to help Berkeley students who struggle to make ends meet during the winter curtailment. According to the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey, 1 in every 5 UC Berkeley students self-report having to “skip meals in order to save money.” Finding money for food over the holidays can be an especially tough challenge for an estimated 800 of these students. 

Who will I be helping exactly?

This year we are again focused on helping both graduate and undergraduate students who are currently proven to be the most food insecure including, but not limited to, the following groups:

"As a student parent, my daughter and I can't thank you enough for giving us the ability to buy the necessities to eat for a week. Thank you Cal community."
4th year Transfer Student and Student Parent

How will students get my gift?

With the input and support of campus partners, the Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3) will allocate and distribute the cards on a first-come, first-served basis to those most in need:

"...I don’t have food security on a daily basis, and I often have to skip meals. Having the right nutrients that don’t contain so much processed chemicals is also essential for me to maintain better health."
2nd year student, Cognitive Science

How can I help?

Individual staff, or departments, are invited to donate through our official UC Berkeley giving portal (click button below):

Donate to Cal Nourish

or you can enter in your web browser.


Any questions about Cal Nourish can be emailed to