Academic Advisors and Student Affairs Professionals


A Professional Development Program for Advisors and Student Service Professionals

As part of an ongoing commitment to advising excellence, the Advising Council in coordination with Staff Learning and Development launched a new professional development program for academic advisors titled Advancing Practice in 2014. The Advancing Practice curriculum is designed to build professional competency in five foundational areas: conceptual and theoretical foundations of advising; institution specific knowledge of programs, policy, procedure and resources; interpersonal communication skills; student systems; and critical analysis and self-assessment of the advising practice (using the Habley and McClellan model of advisor training and professional development). The program offers a variety of short workshops on select topics within each of the foundational areas. 

The program aims to expand core knowledge and skills, ensure exposure to current advising trends and topics, stimulate new thinking and approaches to advising, introduce new methods and tools, improve collaboration, and help advisors refine their advising values and philosophy.

More information on this program and other learning resources for advisors can be found at the following website.