UC People Management Certificate

This program is for anyone who manages or supervises others and consists of core and elective courses covering the following topics: Performance Management, Managing People, Administration and Operations, Change Management and Communications. It is designed to increase our people management capabilities at UC Berkeley as well as across the entire UC system. It is also open to staff who aspire to be a people manager, though there are restrictions to the KEYS in-person classes.

The benefits of the program include:

NEW! Supervisor Knowledge Assessment

Human Resources policies, practices, and collective bargaining agreements are complex. Knowing the right thing to do to ensure compliance with campus policies can be challenging.

The Supervisor Knowledge Assessment has been developed especially for you, the supervisor, to gauge your knowledge in key areas. At the end of the assessment, you will be provided with a list of suggested development opportunities related to any significant knowledge gaps identified. You are encouraged to discuss these opportunities with your manager.

Thriving as a Manager at Berkeley

What’s it about?

Managers have let us know they need more support and guidance. In response, we developed this program to give you the tools and approaches needed to navigate an environment that is going through unprecedented change. Here at UC Berkeley we are facing the transition of senior administration, retirement of key staff at all levels, rapidly evolving operational tools and significant budget reductions, amongst many other factors. 

How will it help me?

The program is designed to support you by:

Knowledge Management

As we lose members of our workforce due to retirements or layoffs, we are also losing historical and critical knowledge. The steps to retaining this knowledge include:

  1. Identify the critical knowledge
  2. Identify who possesses the knowledge
  3. Determine tools and systems to capture knowledge
  4. Design strategies to transfer knowledge

Key strategies include: