Classification, also called Job Evaluation, is the process of evaluating the Duties and Responsibilities of a position to determine the best appropriate job title at UC Berkeley.

Salary Program FY18

It is important that we continue to invest in our staff who provide essential support to the academic mission of the university. Therefore, this year’s Salary Program will be based on merit, internal equity, and the external market. Consistent with the directive from the UC Office of the President, responding to feedback from the staff, across-the-board increases are not permitted.  

As part of their annual budget planning, units will provide funding in an amount equivalent to 3% of the total compensation of eligible non-represented staff.

Salary Setting

Establishing a starting salary for a new employee or deciding to give a promotional increase requires careful consideration. In both cases, you should determine how the employee's prior experience, knowledge, and skills compare with other employees already performing the same job.

Fields and Families

A Job Field is a group of job families that involve work in the same general occupation. These jobs have related knowledge requirements, skill sets, and abilities. Finance and General Services are examples of fields in UC Berkeley's job structure.