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We include and excel, TOGETHER

Office of Gift Planning, UDAR - nominated 6/23/2017 "This team is widely known for closely collaborating with campus partners to solicit gifts, steward donors and serve as a resource on complex giving vehicles. They were recently praised several times at a CMT meeting for their excellent work and partnership so I wanted to pass along my kudos and gratitude." (Lishelle Blakemore, University Development and Alumni Relations)

Forrest Smalley (IST – Enterprise Data Services) – nominated 6/1/2017 "Forrest spent several hours (probably 8+) helping the security team (ISP) do performance testing of their database on the DB team's infrastructure. We ended up not using the IST DB service, but nevertheless we greatly appreciate the time the spent meeting/helping us without database needs." (Steven Hansen, IST – Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office)

Ariana Ceja - nominated 6/1/2017 "Ariana and I use to work together. She knows I'm very interested in the work the Henderson Center does. When she had a big project on the horizon she reached out, we had lunch and a great brainstorming session. Although we don't work for the same department anymore, she recognize me as a resource and reached out to engage and collaborate on new ideas and to make her project a success. " (Fredda Olivares, Institute of Transportation Studies)

Kathy Mendonca - nominated 5/31/2017 "I reached out to Kathy as a staff member who knew her by her (great) reputation only, looking for help from someone who works in a field I'd like to explore. Since reaching out to her I have gained priceless feedback, encouragement, inspiration, and advice. We were both (I believe) able to think about ideas that might improve our work, and I was able to find some clarity about my next career steps. Her choice to include me and make time for me has helped me excel, which is why I chose this particular principle over the others. Thanks so much Kathy!" (Kelly McNeese, Donor & Gift Services, UDAR)

Jen Bellenger (IST-API) - nominated 5/26/2017 "Thanks for all your help, patience and understanding with the Subversion to GitHub and the CalMail to BMail migration projects!" (Andy Cho, SAIT)

James Dudek - nominated 5/23/2017 "James's dept is in the midst of laying off several employees. As a manager, he has been involved in this difficult process, throughout which he has worked behind the scenes to make the notifications smooth and as caring as possible for all concerned: the affected employees, his fellow managers, the staff remaining behind, and for us HR folks who were there to implement  the actions." (Suzanne Krivoy, CSS HR)

CSS RA Pre Award Team - nominated 5/22/2017 "The team has worked very hard this past year to provide Faculty with the best proposal service they can possibly provide by working more cohesively, sharing knowledge with one another and leveraging resources across the team." (Jenny Dizon, CSS RA)

Elizabeth Sundstrom - nominated 5/22/2017 "She is just the best co-worker to have. She is reliable, a total team player and so great to worth with." (Monica Garcia, VCUE)

Andy Cho (UBOSS-SAIT) - nominated 5/16/2017 "Andy was a big help in migrating the SAIT SVN users over to the new GitHub@Berkeley service. I appreciated his organization, and cheerful approach!" (Jen Bellenger, IST-API)

AJ Zmudosky (IST) - nominated 5/11/2017 "I really appreciate AJ's willingness to partner on the transition from CalMail SMTP Server to bCOP. He took the time to review a lengthy spreadsheet and identify the Unix managed hosts within five hours of the initial request! His assistance has enabled us to move forward with our communications more efficiently. Thank you, AJ!" (Jen Bellenger, IST-API)

Donna Brown (ETS) - nominated 5/5/2017 "Donna brings her smile and can-do attitude into the office every day. She facilitates so many of the little things in our office, I don't know what we'll do without her!" (Nicole Sattler, URSET - ETS)

Tracy Mills (ETS) - nominated 5/3/2017 "Since taking on more responsibilities, Tracy has shown great sportsmanship by embodying the spirit of a great leader. She is a supervisor who wholeheartedly listens, encourages, and provides feedback to her staff. What I value most is her willingness to be open for dialogue and having such a bright positive personality." (Tony Shavers, BAHSB - Haas Core Programs)

Catherine Grey (IST –OCIO) – nominated 4/3/2017 "Catherine is always there to provide back up to cover the reception window when I am out. She is a reliable colleague and offers great customer service to the staff and visitors at Warren Hall!"(Johnny Dunn, IST-OCIO)

Office of Gift Planning - nominated 4/19/2017 "The Office of Gift Planning is always a pleasure to work with. They deliver information quickly and with a (virtual) smile. I am impressed with their strong work ethic, attention to detail, and willingness to collaborate across teams. I'm down with OGP. Yeah, you know me." (Rachel Humphrey, UDAR)

Direct Response Marketing - nominated 4/14/2017 "DRM has been a great partner to the Cal Parents team and so many of our campus colleagues. They take the time to truly help each other and excel through collaboration and innovation. We are so fortunate to have these lovely folks on our team." (Kelly Yun, Cal Parents)

Class Campaigns - nominated 4/14/2017 "Class Campaigns does an incredible job in collaborating not only with each other, but with our campus colleagues to excel in partnership with each other - this results in the success of their program as well as the success of our unit as a whole. Through the thoughtfulness and talent behind these many lovely folks, Berkeley's fundraising efforts simply achieve more." (Kelly Yun, Cal Parents)

Karla Rodebush - nominated 3/22/2017 "Karla has done an incredible job shifting gears from being on the front lines to also taking on her new management role as Interim Director. Her demonstrated efforts and willingness to learn and grow together as a team are truly inspirational." (Kelly Yun, Parent Philanthropy & Engagement)

Michelle Mielke Walsh - nominated 3/22/2017 "Michelle is a team player through and through - she is always thinking of ways to improve the program beyond the scope of her day-to-day work, and embodies inclusiveness and excellence as both a colleague and friend!" (Kelly Yun, Parent Philanthropy & Engagement)

Phillip Larkin - nominated 3/21/2017 "When Phillip facilitates our bi-weekly meetings, he always makes sure they are inclusive and effective.  He ensures that we all have an opportunity to share our ideas and have our voices heard by checking in with all of the attendees.  He also puts time and thought into each meeting to make sure that they are going to be efficient and productive." (Jessica Chin, University Development and Alumni Relations)

Alvin Allarde (IST- Infrastructure Services) - nominated 2/7/2017 "Thank You Alvin for creating template in Service Now.  This effort will improve our process when we receive account request.  I also like to Thank You upon recognizing the busy workload of other team members and taking on the patching work which help improve Security and Service Management." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Gwen Davies (IST- Infrastructure Services) - nominated 2/4/2017 "I would like to thank Gwen Davies, for helping her team member on his tickets. It improved service delivery and it helped her team member to focus on finishing important projects." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Kevin Burney (IST- Infrastructure Services) - nominated 2/4/2017 "I would like to thank Kevin Burney, for helping his team member on his tickets. It improved service delivery and it helped his team member to focus on finishing important projects." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Jeff Makaiwi (IST-UNIX) - nominated 2/4/2017 "I would like to thank Jeff for helping us on Oracle patching while his team member was out on urgent leave.  I appreciate Jeff's attention on service delivery and helping his team member." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Jeff Makaiwi (IST–UNIX) - nominated 2/2/2017 "Jeff's immense assistance to SAIT Applications on migrating 16 RHEL 5 hosts to a smaller number of RHEL 6 hosts, in the time period of Dec. 2016 - Jan. 2017, was Super Beneficial and especially helpful to us. His accurate, clear technical advice got us over the hump several times. His work is appreciated, valued, and admired!" (Ken Papai, SAIT)

We imagine and INNOVATE

Douglas McSkimming - nominated 6/5/2017 "Douglas is super creative and is always able to think of new and different ways to reach our staff audience. He has so quickly aligned to our new Central HR approach and accordingly re-set the tone of our Central HR communications to be more warm and accessible." (Jo Mackness, Central Human Resources)

Iberia Zafira - nominated 5/16/2017 "Iberia has consistently gone above and beyond her job to provide new detailed, informative,  and helpful information to help the Cal Parents Team excel in our role. She thinks outside the box and helps drive strategy and new ways of thinking. Her success in going above and beyond to provide the best information she can, helps us succeed together. " (Colleen Cahill, Cal Parents - University Development and Alumni Relations)

Glenda DeGuzman (IST – Admin IT) - nominated 4/28/2017 "Glenda is extremely thorough and makes sure she understands the goal(s) of the development. This consistently results in an extremely well thought through deliverable that often exceeds the initial goal(s). She is willing to take the time to answer questions. She often puts in extra hours to ensure timelines are met. In addition to fully understanding the intent of her work, she cares about it and those two qualities result in excellent employees and contributions to the workplace." (Dana Kowalski, Controllers Immediate Office)

Samantha Zepeda (Haas – Development & Alumni Relations) - nominated 4/4/2017 "Samantha has great attention to detail and many great ideas. She is levering her outside experience and sharing her knowledge with the team to develop new business process improvements." (Karen Latora, HAAS – Advancement Services)

Kari Peterson (Haas - Development & Alumni Relations) – nominated 4/4/2017 "Kari is committed to sharing her knowledge and setting a great example of teamwork in our unit." (Karen Latora, HAAS – Advancement Services)

Michael Leefers (IST – Infrastructure Services) – nominated 3/13/2017 "I would like to Thank You Michael Leefers upon working on defining roles and responsibilities of Office 365 and Azure. This process involves other service partners/units and he worked successfully with them in this important task." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)


Candace Witt - nominated 6/12/2017 "We currently have a staff member out on leave and Candace has taken on some of that person's job duties, which has been helpful. She also has stepped into a leadership position in the office to ensure that while we are down a staff member the essential duties and overall strategic thinking will continue forward. She has thought of ideas on we do less with less and include others in the thought process. She is open to ensuring we still operate successfully; even if that looks a little different right now given our staffing levels." (Erin Niebylski, Center for Student Conduct)

We are ACCOUNTABLE to each other

Paul Farestveit (ETS) - nominated 5/5/2017 "Paul has been willing to dive in whenever the YouTube project has needed help - and we've needed lots of it :) Thank you for always bringing laughter and expertise to work with you every day!" (Nicole Sattler, URSET - ETS)

David Atwood - nominated 5/26/2017 "David spent time with me to help craft my first leadership team retreat in which 3 areas came together into a singular team. I am extremely appreciative of the time and energy he spent to guide us and eventually facilitate the experience to help us find common ground in our work and how we work together.  He facilitated an experience that allowed us to learn from one another as well as provide feedback in our individual and team objectives, how we make decisions, and how our strengths/talents assist in following through on our commitments. He was outstanding is giving constructive feedback to help us improve." (Glenn DeGuzman, Director Residential Education)

Chancellor's Office EA's - nominated 5/22/2017 "Jenny, Kathleen & Carolyn have been so supportive of me during a difficult time dealing with health issues.  They have gone above and beyond to take care of many of my responsibilities so that I could take the time off work that I needed for recovery.  They are accommodating of my new part-time schedule.  Their guidance, patience and understanding have made all the difference.  These ladies are the definition of what team work is really about. " (Connie Gutierrez, Chancellor's Immediate Office)

Brenda Illescas (Haas - Development & Alumni Relations) - nominated 4/4/2017 "Brenda has taken on the lead role in managing the student workers for our team.  She has built a strong team of capable students." (Karen Latora, HAAS – Advancement Services)

Kelly McNeese - nominated 3/22/2017 "Kelly is very supportive of her team, encouraging each member to follow professional development opportunities whenever possible. Her flexibility and support is greatly appreciated." (Phillip Larkin, Donor and Gift Services, UDAR)

Judy Stern (ETS) - nominated 11/8/2016 "Judy takes the time to proactively prioritize work that is not the most urgent and on fire, but is still really important to her colleagues and the department. In particular, I really appreciate that she is always the first service lead to update her service status! Thanks for making my work easier :)" (Nicole Sattler, ETS)

Keith Chan (University Relations) - nominated 10/31/2016 "Keith always tries to give a timely response to my request at work." (Jinyi Wang, University Relations)

Aswan Movva (IST-Enterprise Data) - nominated 10/26/2016 "Thanks Aswan for working after hours, and with very short notice, to apply an emergency Weblogic security patch to our Cal Answers Servers.  Your prompt action ensured the integrity of the Cal Answers reporting environment with minimal impact to our customers." (Max Michel, IST-Enterprise Data)

Stephanie Sorensen (IST-Office of the CIO) - nominated 10/26/2016 "For the past two Consulting Summits (April and October 2016), Stephanie has shepherded me through the process of ordering lunch for the participants -- placing the order, confirming with the vendor, getting chart strings and approvals from within OCIO/IST, etc.  With all the many arrangements to be made for the event, having Stephanie's help with the food order has been a life-saver.  Even as I become more familiar with the process, Stephanie provides the "last-mile" support that would be a big burden to me.  So, on behalf of Quinn Dombrowski, David Greenbaum, the summit participants and myself, A BIG THANK YOU, STEPHANIE!!" (Rick Jaffe, IST-Research Information)

OLLI Staff - nominated 9/14/2016 "The OLLI @ Berkeley Staff Team, willingly and consistently work together to ensure support of each other, appropriate division of labor during peak times and never "pass the buck". The staff have become a cohesive unit and always work well together. This has resulted in improved morale and a confidence essential to achieving the successful completion of daily shared goals and objectives." (Lisa Hardy, Other Lifelong Learning Institute)

We focus on SERVICE

Leslie Wills - nominated 5/24/2017 "She truly dedicates to her work, she is sharp and she is inspiring for excellence." (Mei-Hsia Lee, Business Analysts/Financial Aids)

Jessica Jones - nominated 5/23/2017 "Jessica is an extraordinary colleague who always put our CalTeach students first and does her absolute best to make sure they have a positive experience while in CalTeach. " (Maritza Drotleff, CalTeach Program Coordinator/BSMI)

Jennifer McNulty - nominated 5/23/2017 "It usually takes Jenny one interaction to hear a student group's or department's concern(s) before she develops a workable plan to improve the quality of the experience. One example is with the need students expressed to better understand their funding opportunities. She utilized our partnerships with Bank of the West, the ASUC, the ASUC Business and Finance department, and additional collaborators to host an inaugural funding fair. Jenny constantly challenges our office to consider what a given process might be like from the student's perspective, and she strives to provide them transparency, clear communication, and thorough support. She's an incredible mentor and contribution to our office." (Lyone Conner, LEAD Center)

Susan Pospiech - nominated 5/22/2017 "Susan Pospiech is a team player, demonstrates a high level of integrity, and strong organizational skills providing superlative service for a variety of time sensitive projects.  For example, in April/May 2017 she managed multiple Plan Review requests working with project managers, in addition to working with our Business Manager  on our C&D staff relocation/office moves.  Susan somehow met all the complex deadlines and made it  seem effortless, managing to stay laser focused.  Susan is an exemplary employee." (Percy Fordyce, Construction and Design)

Tim Gallagher (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Tim! Appreciate your teamwork to review and update the Advisor Assignment process." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Joe Lauson (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Joe! Appreciate your teamwork to review and enhance the Advisor Assignment area." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Kaz Senoglu (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Kaz! Appreciate your teamwork to review and enhance the Advisor Assignment area." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Judy Smithson (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Judy! Appreciate your teamwork to review and enhance the Advisor Assignment area." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Barbara Sowden (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Barbara! Appreciate your teamwork to review and enhance the Advisor Assignment area." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Andrea Lloyd (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Andrea! Appreciate your teamwork to review and enhance the Advisor Assignment area." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Michelle Caruso (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Michelle! Appreciate your teamwork to review and enhance the Advisor Assignment area." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Liz Hall (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Liz! Appreciate your teamwork to review and enhance the Advisor Assignment area." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Jake Tracy (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Jake! Appreciate your teamwork to review and enhance the Advisor Assignment area." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Jane Valentine (SIS) - nominated 5/9/2017 "Thanks Jane! Appreciate your leadership and support to review and enhance the Advisor Assignment area." (Lisa Chang, SIS)

Emily Ufheil-Somers - nominated 5/4/2017 "Emily excels in event planning and execution and specifically helped me greatly to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of the Women in Leadership Reception." (Elizabeth Friedman Branoff, Major Gifts, Development and Alumni Relations)

Gaidi Nkruma (HAAS – Tech Services) – nominated 5/3/2017 "The Development & Alumni Relations group plans many events through the year. Often in the evening and the weekend - the last thing we want to deal with is an AV or IT snafu to execute on an event. Enter Gaidi. With his cadre of student workers and his own technical prowess he often anticipates our needs and/or is prepared with an adapter or solution that avoids any type of event mishap. Haas and the Berkeley community is so lucky to have someone who is so service-oriented and forward and just a pleasure to work with." (Drew Ollero, DAR-HAAS)

Andrew "Drew" Ollero  - nominated 5/3/2017 "Drew hit the ground running with our student campaigns and has been an amazing addition to the team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of working with degree programs. I am thankful to work alongside him and soak in his knowledge. His dedication to servicing each degree program is outstanding and helping them strategically fund-raise for their class. " (Tony Shavers III , DAR-HAAS)

Blaine Isbelle (IST- Infrastructure Services) - nominated 4/16/2017 "Thank you Blaine for quickly taking care of the UHS's urgent request on Saturday 4/16.  Your prompt response helped in securing customer's environment and providing excellent service." (Amit Singh, IST – Infrastructure Services)

Lexie Patten (IST-API) - nominated 4/13/2017 "Lexie gave a very fast and super clear response to my time-sensitive (but minor) issue with the CSAC website." (Devin Jones, Berkeley Law)

Michella Arechiga - nominated 4/13/2017 "Michelle always goes above and beyond by looking at every situation and process from the perspective of our clients. She is always willing to take extra steps to make sure that her clients and teammates receive top level service." (Darryl San Pedro, CSS HR Service Delivery)

Stefanie Kalem - nominated 3/22/2017 "Stefanie is a superhuman project manager She juggles tasks and people in a way that makes everyone feel included and confident that everything is getting done, and getting done right. I wish I could work with her on all my MarComm projects. STEFANIE!!!" (Rachel Humphrey, UDAR - Donor and Gift Services)

Inette Dishler (Central HR - Incentive Award Programs) - nominated 3/20/2017 "Inette taught a class on communications for SAIT staff that was very well received by all. She went out of her way to help design a curriculum that would work for an IT group. Thanks Inette for taking the time to support our staff in their professional development!" (James Dudek, SAIT)

Dana Lund (HAAS Core Programs) - nominated 3/20/2017 "Dana exemplifies excellent customer service. I was recently at the Re-Imagining IT event he was helping coordinate and realized I need more materials for a work session. Dana went out of his way to make sure our needs were met." (James Dudek, SAIT)

Jeff McCullough (IST - Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office) - nominated 3/13/2017 "A big shout out to Jeff for his help with updating several CalNet SPAs that we had exceeded the character limit. Without Jeff's help, I would have lost several hours' worth of work on the Email Simplification Program. Thanks to Jeff's quick turnaround we were able to launch our new interface on time." (Jennifer Bellenger, IST-API)

Ben Kaaya (CSS-IT) - nominated 3/13/2017 "Ben works patiently with us whenever we need something. He always tries to look for resolutions and provides great IT service. Our department is very happy to receive great IT service from him." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Ilona Ozmon (IST – Infrastructure Services) – nominated 3/10/2017 "I would like to Thank You Ilona Ozmon for taking care of ETS Junction project. While we are running low on resources, she was still able to finish this project well before the deadline. We appreciate her dedication and commitment to work." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Communications Team - Central HR - nominated 3/9/2017 "The Central Human Resources Communications Team led by Douglas and with support from student assistant, Sudarshan, has redesigned the CHR website into a visually attractive and significantly more accessible resource for everything related to HR. In particular, I am grateful that they developed the Encore Bears website for retiree rehires and made it easy to navigate and light years better than before. With appreciation to both of them." (Marilyn Byrne, Central Human Resources)

Kellsie Adams (IST-Telecom) - nominated 2/27/2017 "This nomination is long overdue... I'm extremely grateful to Kellsie for her continuous support on multiple occasions. She's very knowledgeable, resourceful, and always willing to help. In addition, Kellsie has great customer service, always giving more than 100% and great job on keeping her clients updated!" (Charles Lam, Haas Technology Solutions)

Kathy Mendonca (Central HR) - nominated 2/27/2017 "Kathy adapted a KEYS course and taught it to SAIT staff.  Because of her work we now have a common language around meeting facilitation in our department. She is a great teacher as well!" (James Dudek, SAIT Information Tech)

Suzy Thorman (Central HR) - nominated 2/27/2017 "Kathy adapted a KEYS course and taught it to SAIT staff.  Because of her work we now have a common language around meeting facilitation in our department. She is a great teacher as well!" (James Dudek, SAIT Information Tech)

Clarissa Fermin (IST-Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office) - nominated 2/27/2017 "Clarissa is my go to girl.  She is always there to share her technical knowledge and shortcuts." (Diane Perez, IST-Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office)

Diane Perez (IST-Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office) - nominated 2/16/2017 "Whenever I need assistance, Diane always helps me immediately, even if it is something that is not within her immediate scope of work.  She is patient and very approachable whether I have a request or have a question about a process. (Margarita Zeglin, (IST-Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office)

Adam Germek (IST – Infrastructure Services) - nominated 2/13/2017 "Thank You Adam Germek for the Sunday 2/12 work and restarting production servers.  Your prompt action ensured the security of those servers with minimal impact to our customers." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Gladys Oddoye, CSS-IT Wireless Dept. - nominated 2/8/2017 "Gladys demonstrated an strong focus on service when I called with an unexpected and urgent request for help with a critical issue. She made sure she understood the scope of the request, then proceeded to act directly as well as organize her team to provide what I needed within the necessary timeframe to resolve and issue effectively. Her response was impressive and I greatly appreciate her professionalism." (Laurel Halsey, University Health Services)

JC White (SAIT) - nominated 2/7/2017 "JC is a student computing consultant in SAIT's Residential Computing program, providing tech support to students in campus housing. Recently one of his customers reached out to SAIT specifically to let us know what a great technical resource JC had been, and wanted to recognize him for his excellent service. Thanks, JC!" (Anne Marie Richard, SAIT)

Marina Bennett (IST-Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office) - nominated 2/7/2017 "Thank you Marina for negotiating with vendors and processing last minute purchasing requests.  Your efforts ensure money savings and time for our department." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Alan Willcuts (IST- Infrastructure Services) - nominated 2/7/2017 "Thanks Alan for working after hours, weekend, off hours, to apply an emergency Oracle patches in Jan/Feb.  Your prompt action ensured the integrity of the PeopleSoft environment with minimal impact to our customers." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Zoey Lin (IST- Infrastructure Services) - nominated 2/7/2017 "Thanks Zoey for working after hours, weekend, off hours, to apply an emergency Oracle patches.   Your prompt action ensured the integrity of the PeopleSoft environment with minimal impact to our customers." (Amit Singh, IST- Infrastructure Services)

Kellsie Adams (IST–Telecom) - nominated 1/12/2017 "On many occasions, Kellsie has come through for me, delivering fast, accurate, and very friendly service. Today I had a simple but highly urgent request, and Kellsie took care of it immediately. It would have caused a lot of difficulty for a major international human rights project (including international travel) if Kellsie had not been able to expedite this. But I didn't even have to make a case to her as to why it was important, she had the work done immediately after I submitted the initial request. Thank you!" (John MacDonald, Law)

Hayley Bower (SAIT) - nominated 1/9/2017 "Thank you, Hayley, for delivering ServiceNow training to our student helpdesk consultants! Just weeks before you were not even a user of ServiceNow, yet by immersing yourself you became a quick study and helped get our student helpdesk staff ready to go!" (Anne Marie Richard, SAIT)

Mary Thompson, Adult Volunteer - nominated 1/5/2017 "For supporting the Hall and our mission, volunteering 981 hours of service, bringing her energy and services to enhance our programs and visitos' experience." (Verónica Urdaneta, Volunteer Manager, Volunteer Programs, Public Science Center)