Managers, Supervisors and Non-Represented Staff

Performance Management Forms  


New for FY16 non-represented staff reviews is the Online Performance Planning & Review Webform.

What are the advantages of the online version?
Besides the fact that we save trees and hundreds of hours of staff time:

  • You get a cloud-based version that you can save, edit, and store for future use.

  • It’s shareable, much like Google Docs, minimizing or avoiding completely the need to print copies.

  • It’s secure, protected by your Cal ID, giving the supervisor ultimate document control.

  • It provides a personalized dashboard where both the supervisor and a second level approver can view the completion status of the reviews.

  • It frees up your time for the important part of the process… giving feedback that helps develop your staff.

Go to to start your online reviews now! Brought to you by IST and Central Human Resources.

NEW! This handy process flow of reviews and signatures will help keep you on track.

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Performance Planning & Review form. (This is 2015's downloadable paper form.)

Sample Performance Planning & Review Form for Director of Finance and Strategic Planning
Sample Performance Planning & Review Form for Financial Analyst 3

For help with Goal Setting, use the Goal Planning Worksheet

For help with Development Planning, use the Individual Development Plan form

These forms can also be found on the Forms page.

Competencies continue to provide the underpinning of goal acheivement (although they are not rated on the Performance Planning and Review Form). Behavioral anchors for the ten core competencies are available for download as a PDF here: Behavioral Anchors Matrix (PDF).

Instructions for Represented Staff

For represented staff, supervisors and employees should use the current forms approved by their respective bargaining units. These forms may include:

Performance Review #1

This is a comprehensive appraisal which could be used for any classification, but would be very appropriate for professional, analytical, technical, and research staff classifications. This form was adapted by the Berkeley campus with the approval of the UC Irvine campus. This form should not be used for employees covered by the Teamsters 2010 contract (Clerical Unit).

Performance Review #2

This form has been available for a long time on the Berkeley campus. Its layout is simple; the reviewer can write in the duties that are being appraised, and then comment on the ratings.

Other Resources

If you have questions about the forms, please contact your Employee Relations Consultant.

You may also contact Employee Relations Customer Service at 642-7163 or via e-mail at