May 5, 2017

Sex harassment ribbonFAQs for Staff & Managers/Supervisors

On an annual basis, all members of our community are required to read a short Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH) memorandum which contains information regarding sexual harassment and sexual violence policy and resources. It should take about 5 minutes to review. This new requirement is in addition to the requisite biannual online SVSH training.

Reading this supplemental memo is mandated by the campus and the UC Office of the President and was due March 13th for all faculty and staff members.

We apologize for any confusion. As you may recall, the notice regarding the supplemental memo was first sent to the campus community in late January as a Cal Message and Learning Management Center notice, and some of you may have in more recent days received a reminder that records show you still need to complete this supplemental training.

For Staff:

You may access the SVSH Training supplemental letter through these steps:

  1. Log into Wisdom Cafe  -

  2. Scroll down to the footer and click on the UC LEARNING CENTER link - this will pass you to Calnet authentication.

  3. Once in the Learning Center, click the TO DO LIST/ASSIGNED TRAINING on your learner dashboard.

  4. Copy and paste course code: BE-SVSA-Letter into search box.  

  5. Click on “Go” arrow next to search box.
  6. When course appears, click on Start button and read document.

  7. Be sure to minimize or close the letter after reading.  You will be prompted to click Yes on the page behind the letter to ensure the Learning Center system tracks your completion credit.

For Managers:

The steps below will help you verify status of direct report(s) in the UC Learning Center:

  1. Log into Wisdom Cafe  -

  2. Scroll down to the footer and click on the UC LEARNING CENTER link - this will pass you to Calnet authentication.

  3. Once in the Learning Center, hover your mouse pointer on the “Manager” tab and click on the “Dashboard” link to see your reports.

  4. If needed, expand the Exception Report bar (by clicking on the arrow on the right of the bar) to view individual employee statuses.
    1. If your employee(s) has completed all training a 100% status bar will appear

    2. If not, hover your mouse pointer on "Actions" and select "Transcript" to view a list of your employee's completed training activities

    3. Look for: Document: Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence Prevention Training Code: BE-SVSA-Letter

    4. Employees who have completed this training will show Completion Status: “Attended”

    5. If there are multiple employees to check, click “Close” above the “Export to PDF” button to return to your employee list.

For technical questions about UC Learning Center, please e-mail

  • Browser issues
  • Training not advancing
  • Disabled accounts

For all other questions about UC Learning Center please e-mail These questions may include:

  • Separated employees receiving this e-mail in error
  • Access to UC Learning Center
  • Policy questions about required training

Finally, the importance of completing the mandatory SVSH prevention training remains a condition of the performance management program for PPSM Supervisors, Managers, and Non-manager/supervisor staff.


UC Berkeley is making continuous efforts to prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence on our campus, including revised education requirements for members of the campus. These educational sessions are a critical part of understanding our role in ending harassment and violence.

New and continuing faculty and staff employees are required to receive sexual harassment and violence awareness and prevention training, including specific information on their obligations to report sexual violence.

The framework for this training is designed to encourage behavioral change to help reduce violence, to build a culture of trust, and most importantly, to increase the safety for all populations on campus. The structure of the training emanates from recommendations of the UC President’s Task Force on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault.

NEW! One page survivor support handout for students and staff



Who is required to take the training?
All active faculty and staff on payroll at all UC campuses and Medical Centers are required to take the UCOP mandated trainings on UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention. Making campus a safer place is everyone's job.

For people who completed training last year that are not understanding the document is separate refresher
This recent assignment is a refresher document mandated by UCOP. It’s purpose is to let people know about new resources, rather than wait 2 years to get this information into their hands. It's designed to supplement the full workshop with relevant contact information about new campus resources and contact information that may come in handy should you, or someone who reaches out to you, need support.

Does my compliance affect whether or not I'm eligible for a merit increase?
Yes. Completing the mandatory sexual harassment and sexual violence (SVSH) prevention training remains a requirement of the performance management program for PPSM Supervisors, Managers, and non-manager/supervisor staff.

What new SVSH trainings are rolling out?
Effective March 2016, UC Berkeley rolled out two separate UCOP mandated trainings regarding UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention. There is one version required for Staff (non-supervisors) and a separate version for Faculty, Supervisors, and other designated employees who are required to complete two hours of sexual harassment, violence prevention and response education as required by CA Assembly Bill 2053 & CA Assembly Bill 1825.

What is the deadline to complete the training?
New hires will have six weeks from their hire date to complete it.

Faculty and supervisors – who have been required to take such courses every two years – will see new, updated content and will maintain their current training schedule. Faculty and supervisors are assigned the training on a rolling basis and may have a future deadline.

Where can I learn more about this training requirement? 
You can find more information on the UC system-wide requirements for faculty, staff, and students here:

What if I do not have a computer to access the training?
Non-computer users are not exempted from the training. If you are an employee who has absolutely no computer access, you should work with your manager to view the training on an available computer.

Will the training be provided in other languages?
As it currently stands, there are no alternative language options. We have requested another version and until further notice, all feedback pertaining to this issue should be forwarded UCOP and their Compliance office

Will the training be accessible for ADA staff and those with Special needs?
The courses are accessible for people who are sight and hearing impaired. For more information about accessibility please go to

Who do I contact regarding any questions or concerns on technical issues regarding this training?
You can contact Campus Shared Services IT Helpdesk at